OPPO Watch 2 ECG Version Announced At 2,499 Yuan ($389)

Following the schedule, a Chinese tech firm launched a smartwatch that many fans have been waiting for eagerly. If you guess, we are talking about the OPPO Watch 2 ECG version. It costs 2,499 yuan, which converts into $389. Agree that this is not low pricing. So we wonder what top-end features it comes with that the company has decided to sell it for such a high price tag. We guess you do as well.

OPPO Watch 2 ECG version

Millisecond-level Electrocardiogram (ECG) Detection

In fact, the biggest highlight of the OPPO Watch 2 ECG version is the support for millisecond-level electrocardiogram (ECG) detection. Thus, it has reached the hospital-grade. Usually, Apple likes to bring such features to its watches. But now, we see that Chinese brands follow this path as well.

We know that the electrocardiogram has an important role. For the interpretation of heart rhythm, conduction system abnormalities, and the detection of myocardial ischemia, the electrocardiogram is the best method.

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OPPO Watch 2 ECG version

The electrocardiogram is also of great value in evaluating other heart abnormalities, including valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis, and hypertension-related diseases. Plus, ECG can be used to monitor drug therapy (especially anti-arrhythmic therapy) and monitor metabolic disorders.

The OPPO Watch 2 ECG version can monitor whether there are abnormal heart rhythms throughout the day, reminding you to perform ECG detection in a timely manner, and grasp the golden moment of heart management.

OPPO Watch 2 ECG Version Features

As for battery and endurance, the OPPO Watch 2 ECG version comes with a 510mAh battery and UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology. It provides up to 16 days of use on a single charge. According to the official introduction, the UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology uses a hybrid system of two. Shortly, there are two cores to achieve long-term battery life.

If OPPO uses this technology in previous products, it would cause a series of problems such as delays and freezes during the operation. But the company has worked on it and now it works perfectly. The UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology opens up a series of basic content such as Bluetooth protocol and transmission protocol at the bottom layer. Thus, the cores can seamlessly transmit bottom-level data.

Also, the battery supports Watch VOOC flash charging.

As for other features, the OPPO Watch 2 ECG version uses a 1.91-inch screen. There is an independent eSIM communication support as well.

At present, this smartwatch has opened appointments on platforms such as Huantai Mall.

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