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The internet speed varies significantly globally and while some regions have pretty fast internet, others have very slow internet. Do you know the country/region with the fastest internet speed in the world? A recent survey looks into the internet speed of different regions around the world. The analysis results of billions of internet speed tests show that Western Europe dominates the global Internet speedometer. Among the top 10 countries with the fastest broadband speeds in the world, 8 countries are from Western Europe. Among them, Jersey (a third-party European country) tops the list with an average internet speed of 274.27Mbps.

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Only two countries and regions outside Western Europe entered the top ten. The two regions are Macau (China) with an internet speed of 128.56Mbps and Hungary (Central Europe) with an internet speed of 104.07Mbps. The average speed of the UK is 51.48Mbps, ranking 20th in Europe and 43rd in the world. The United States ranks 14th in the world with an average speed of 92.42Mbps.

The worst average internet speed in the world in terms of the continent is North Africa. In North Africa, the average internet speed is 5.68Mbps. The worst single country is Turkmenistan, a member of the former Soviet Union, with a speed of only 0.50Mbps.

Europe once again occupies an absolute advantage in the rankings, which is mainly due to excellent infrastructure. The countries with the highest rankings are all countries that attach great importance to pure optical fiber (FTTP) networks, while those countries that adopt FTTC and ADSL solutions have fallen further year on year. Last year, download speeds in the five fastest countries were about 276 times faster than those in the five slowest countries. This gap has narrowed for the first time since the study began in 2017. This year, the top five are only 202 times faster than the five slowest countries.

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