Samsung ISOCELL HP1 200MP sensor details revealed

Samsung 200MP ISOCELL HP1, 50MP ISOCELL GN5 Camera Sensors

In early September, Samsung Electronics introduced the ISOCELL HP1 image sensor, the world’s first 200 mega-pixel sensor for smartphone cameras. Now the South Korean giant has shared details on the characteristics of this product.

The sensor uses 0.64 µm pixels. It comes with a new hybrid 4 × 4 pixel binning technology. This means that the sensor is capable of adjusting pixel binning modes to suit shooting conditions using sophisticated deep learning software reallocation algorithms.

In addition, the product allows you to record high-definition video in 8K format with minimal loss in the field of view. Four pixels are binned to create one large 1.28 micron pixel, allowing you to shoot 8K video at 30 frames per second and 4K video in slow motion at 120 frames per second.

When shooting in low light conditions, the 4 × 4 hybrid pixel combining technology allows 16 pixels to be into one 2.56 micron size. This greatly improves the sensor’s ability to absorb light, so there is noticeably less noise in 12.5 megapixel photos.

Also, smart-ISO mode allows the ISOCELL HP1 sensor to intelligently adapt to different lighting conditions. So, in dim light, it switches to High ISO mode, which results in brighter and clearer photos. In addition, in good lighting conditions, it chooses Low ISO mode to ensure accurate color reproduction.

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Samsung ISOCELL HP1 200MP sensor details revealed

Staggered HDR is also available: this tool allows you to get a wide dynamic range of 100 dB. The system takes shots at fast, medium and long shutter speeds to accurately expose shadows and highlights. It then combines this data into one crisp, detailed image, even when shooting in mixed lighting conditions.

Finally, there is fast and accurate autofocus based on Double Super PD phase detection technology. This system has twice as many AF pixels as Super PD. The pixels have micro-autofocus lenses, allowing you to focus faster on fast moving subjects.

To make it easier for users to capture fleeting moments, Samsung equipped the ISOCELL HP1 with fast and accurate autofocus. This is possible thanks to the image sensor’s Double Super PD phase detection technology. Double Super PD technology contains twice as many autofocus pixels as Super PD. Those pixels have AF micro-lenses that allow you to focus on fast-moving objects faster and capture stunning content.

With its groundbreaking resolution and cutting-edge technologies, the ISOCELL HP1 offers users access to a whole new world of detail. Get the most out of any moment with an image sensor that’s designed for a new era of mobile photography.

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