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PDF Editors are some of the most powerful tools for text editing in the internet. The universal file format is widely used, but still, just a few users have access to editing tools for them. A good PDF editor can open a wide array of possibilities. However, it’s not that easy to find accessible software that provides a decent experience for both experienced users and newcomers.
There are a plethora of software solutions in the market, however, the big majority is expensive and hard to use. Based in the need for a complete package that targets both the experienced and the newcomers, Wondershare created PDFelement. It’s a powerful PDF editor that brings a nice set of features and boasts an intuitive interface. After just a couple of minutes, you’ll be completely used to the software and will not need to knock your head against the wall to edit your PDF.

Introducing PDFelement

Wondershare states that the focus of PDFelement is to deliver a simple, easy-to-use, but complete experience to users. The platform comes to offer affordable desktop and mobile PDF solutions that make it easy for users to create, edit, convert, compare, collaborate, and sign office documents. The software comes as a very interesting option for those seeking a complete PDF editing app, but aren’t interested in paying a lot of money. The application is complete and still affordable.

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Outstanding design that meets your needs

PDFelement comes with a simple, but beautiful design. The starting page introduces you to the main features offered by the application. Once you select one, you’ll notice that the PDF editor is much more advanced than the starting page. The design of the software is well crafted and follows current trends in the minimalist industry. One interesting thing to know is that it comes with Dark and Light themes. This is one of the most demanded features in recent times, and it’s great to have it well implemented.

The application allows you to open a PDF file from your computer, combine two distinct PDF files, optimize an existing file, perform an OCR scanning of your PDF file, convert PDF to different formats like .xlxs for Excel. You can also create your PDF from multiple formats such as text, PDF, JPEG, and others.

Multiple Editing features

Using PDFelement to create and edit your files doesn’t require you to know rocket science. The interface is very intuitive, after a few minutes of checking and exploring the app, you’ll be ready to overcome all the challenges in the experience. One of the features that I liked, is the Tab sorting. You can put your edits side by side using the app’s tab sorting feature. Therefore it’s easy to navigate through the files you’re editing.
Once you open a PDF, you can convert it to multiple formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, Simple Text, and More. Moreover, the app provides a set of “commenting” tools allowing you to write texts, notes, highlight or even stamp the document with a set of available stamps.


From the Tools tab, users can get a set of useful features, one of which includes OCR. For those unfamiliar with the term, it allows the software to recognize texts in a PDF file and convert it to an editable are. It uses AI and heavily depends on the document quality. Its availability proves how advanced and complete the PDFelement software is. You can also crop a document or add a watermark. The software allows you to flatten a file which can be useful when you scan a document and the text’s alignment is far from the intended. Furthermore, you can reduce the size of an existing PDF through the “Optimize PDF” feature. This feature is particularly useful when you scan a set of pages in high-resolution and the final file becomes too big. Therefore, with the optimized size, the PDF files become suitable for e-mails, the cloud, etc.


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Another interesting feature is the possibility to add forms to a document. You can also add a simple text box or even an image that is store in your computer.

You can use this option to add comments in existing documents or add an image that fits the context

There is also an interesting feature dubbed Protect. It allows you to determine passwords that will be necessary for opening a PDF. This is especially useful when you want to send private information to someone.


Another good feature during my usage was the ability to search through the text and redact it. Moreover, there is a signature option that will add an electronic signature to a document. This has been used widely during times of pandemics when everything is being made remotely, even job interviews or business meetings. There is also a very advanced feature that was introduced with PDFelement 8, it’s the Electronic Signature.

This feature allows you to sign in a document using the Wondershare Online Signing service.


A very optimized and lightweight experience

I’ve noticed that the latest version of PDFelement is much faster than previous iterations. Wondershare has optimized the app with the latest updates making it a solid tool even on low-end computers. The app opens fast and editing PDF isn’t painful as other solutions in the market.

Worth noting that the app performance also depends from PC to PC, therefore, the file size will also be a determining factor in performance. If you’re editing large files or one with a lot of images and heavy content, then you can experience some lag here and there. Again, this also depends on your device’s overall performance.

How to use it?

Learning and mastering the application will not take more than a few hours. As we’ve stated, the app is quite intuitive. However, if you’re having some sort of issue, you can check some introduction videos available on the Wondershare website. There are plenty of tutorials available for mastering the application.

Anyway, it also comes with a User Guide shortcut that takes you straight to the developer’s website.

PDFelement User Guide


In the end, we can conclude that PDFelement is one of the most powerful solutions in the world of PDF editing. It’s a great software for experienced and newcomers. The app is available for Windows and Mac devices, so there aren’t barriers no matter your preferred device or OS.
PDFelement is a great companion for those starting the journey in the PDF editing business. Moreover, is a valid and affordable option in the sea of expensive programs.


Get your PDFelement plan

PDFelement 8 Standard version is available for $49 in the annual plan. However, you can get a lifetime license for just $59. The annual version of PDFelement 8 can be yours for just $79. If you want the perpetual license, it will set you back by $109. If you need an advanced software solution for editing your PDFs we can’t help but recommend the Pro version. We recommend a lifetime license if you can afford it. After all, you get the software forever. Of course, if you can only pay for an annual plan, it will also serve you well for twelve months.

For comparison, Adobe Acrobat costs $14,99 per month in the Pro variant. So you’ll end an entire year paying $149,99. Nitro PDF also has a perpetual license, but it will set you back by $160. That’s $30 more than the perpetual license of PDFelement. As you can see, right now, PDFelement 8 is the best value-for-money software you can get.

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