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iPhone 13 series Pro Max

Apple recently released the iPhone 13 series and these smartphones are already on the market. Today makes it about a month since the official release of this series. However, for various reasons, the iPhone 13 series is still increasing in price. Considering the market situation regarding the iPhone 13 series, there have been a lot of questions. This new series is more available in some regions than others. At present, the main reason for the high prices of the iPhone 13 series is its production capacity. For some irreversible reasons, Apple’s accessory suppliers and its factories in Vietnam, Japan, and other places have stopped working, and the factories in Vietnam are basically paralyzed. As of now, there is no information on when these factories will reopen. Here are answers to some of the most asked questions regarding the availability of the iPhone 13 series.

Apple iPhone 13 series

1. What is the current market situation with the iPhone 13 series?

A Beijing offline store reveals the following market situation for the four iPhone 13 series phones…

iPhone 13 mini:

This is the most available of the entire series at the moment. Unfortunately, not many people are keen on this model. Although, this device is currently in stock, there are not many sources to purchase this device in China. In terms of pricing, the four colour options are available at the original price. However, the source claims that some colours will be out of stock in no time. Simply put, as of now, there is no price increase for the iPhone 13 mini.

iPhone 13

As the standard model of the iPhone 13 series, the current new colour option (pink) has been the most popular. For this reason, merchants have more stocks and the supply is relatively sufficient. However, the black and blue colour options are not so popular. These options have lesser consumer inquiries. For this reason, there is not much inventory thus there is an occasional price increase. In terms of capacity, the 256GB model is more sought-after, with price increases ranging from 100 yuan ($15) to 150 yuan ($23) from time to time.

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max

These high-end flagship models are the “hardest hit” in terms of the price increase. The iPhone 13 Pro often sells for close to 1000 yuan ($155) more than its official price. The price of the different colour options fluctuates daily and the 1TB version has more price increase. The 1TB blue model sells for as high as 1500 yuan ($233) more than the official price.

In fact, netizens believe that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are not as unavailable as many merchants make buyers believe. Most merchants are aware of Apple’s situation with its suppliers. They are also aware of the situation in Vietnam and Japan. Thus, these merchants are hoarding these smartphones to try and make more profit. There has been no price reduction for the iPhone 13 series. Because the 1Tb version is top-of-the-line, there are particularly many users looking for it. Thus, the price will still not have a downward trend within 1 – 2 weeks.

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While the price increase of the 512GB model has eased slightly at present, there is still a price increase ranging from 700 yuan ($109) – 1000 yuan ($155). Generally, the price increase for the 512GB model is about 1000 yuan ($155). However, a recent forecast predicts that by the end of the month, the price increase should be 500 yuan ($78).

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2. What are the iPhone 13 market trend forecast and purchase recommendations

Over the past few months, the iPhone 13 series market performance in China has been “crazy”. Here is a sort of forecast of market trends and purchase guidance in the form of “one question and one answer”. These forecasts are basically for the Chinese market

Q: Will it be relevant to wait for a few weeks?

A. Presently, many users think that if they wait for two or three weeks, they will not have to pay 800 yuan ($124) or more. However, looking at the current market trend and the cause of the shortage of units, two or three weeks may not solve the present situation. However, it may be a wise decision to wait until the 11.11 sale which is about three weeks from now. In a bid to get more buyers, merchants may have to slightly reduce the amount they add to the original price. While two weeks may not be enough wait, three weeks may prove to be worthwhile.

Q: Are 1Tb iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max and 512G iPhone 13 necessary?

A. It all depends on the need and the pocket of the user. However, considering the current price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max which has risen above 13,500 yuan ($2098), it is probably not worth it. It is really unnecessary. In fact, 512GB is definitely enough for most users. Furthermore, Cloud storage could make up for the additional space that you will need.

As for the 512GB version of the iPhone 13, we do not recommend this model. This is because the price of this model is too close to the iPhone 13 Pro. You could as well just get the iPhone 13 Pro with more features than the 512GB iPhone 13. Recall that the Pro model comes with a couple of features that the regular models don’t have. This is the more reason why the iPhone 13 Pro series is more popular.

Q: Will the price get back to normal? If Yes, when?

A. Yes, the original price of the iPhone 13 series will be restored in about four weeks (worst-case scenario). In the best-case scenario, we could have the iPhone 13 series selling for its original price in two weeks. There are two main reasons why this price will get back to normal in about four weeks. The current inventory problem in Apple’s industrial chain is huge, and suppliers are also actively solving capacity problems. Four weeks are more than enough for them completely tackle this issue. Also, channel vendors still have stocks in their hands. They just want to keep time and probably offload them for more money…however, at the end of the day, they will have to eventually sell, whether at a higher price or at the original price.

The second major reason is that Apple will hold a press conference at 1 am on the 19th of this month. The company will release the latest MacBook Pro and AirPods headsets at this event. The lack of the iPhone 13 series could affect the sales of these devices especially the AirPods. If a dealer doesn’t have the iPhone 13 series, it will likely have fewer buyers for the MacBook Pro and AirPods headsets.

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