Untethered jailbreak of iPhone up to iOS 14.5.1 has been released

The team behind Unc0ver has just offered a new surprise version of its iOS 14 jailbreak tool. Numbered 7.0, it is the first to offer an untethered jailbreak, that is to say that no longer requires restarting the procedure after each restart.

Untethered jailbreak of iPhone up to iOS 14.5.1 has been released

Based on a component developed by security expert Linus Henze, Unc0ver 7.0 is not for everyone. The new version 7.0.0 of unc0ver includes preliminary support for Linus Henze’s Fugu14. Concretely, this means that devices equipped with the A12 to A14 chips, such as the iPhone XS and newer like the iPhone 12, can now be jailbreak untethered if they are running iOS 14.4 and iOS 14.5.1. But before that, you have to install Fugu14 on the device with a Mac, a somewhat complicated procedure for the common user and which has caused anger among users.

Indeed, those interested should follow the instructions published on Henze’s GitHub page to manually install and run Fugu14 before installing and running the unc0ver application version 7.0 on a compatible iPhone or iPad.

As explained on iPhoneTweak, it is better to leave this version to the more experienced and wisely wait for a future update in which Fugu14 will be fully packaged in the jailbreak so that the installation process becomes safer and more user-friendly.

Also hope that this opens the door to an iOS 15 jailbreak in the coming weeks, Apple having plugged a major flaw in iOS 15.0.2, leaving an opening for the previous version. And some have already demonstrated jailbreaking on iOS 15 and iPhone 13.

Apple Releases iOS 15.1

Apple has yesterday released iOS and iPadOS 15.1; the first major updates to the latest mobile operating systems released to the general public a month ago. The latest software versions can be downloaded and installed on all supported devices (starting with iPhone 6S) for free via the Software Update menu in the Settings app.

One of the main innovations in iOS 15.1 is support for the SharePlay feature; which allows users to stream content from their device screen, share music, and watch movies with friends using FaceTime. Screen sharing is also supported.

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users with the latest software will have the ability to shoot ProRes video; and the ability to turn off automatic camera switching when shooting macro. Apple smartphones compatible with the new OS will also be able to add vaccination cards to the Wallet app. In addition, new Quick Commands let you add text to images or animations.

The latest update addresses a number of issues, including one in which devices may not detect available Wi-Fi networks. The iPhone 12 series has updated battery algorithms to more accurately assess battery capacity over time. We also fixed a bug where audio playback from the application could stop when the screen is locked. By the way, Apple has also updated the HomePod smart speaker software, adding support for lossless audio and Dolby Atmos.

As of iPadOS 15.1, the latest OS brings Live Text support in the Camera app to Apple tablets. Live Text allows you to detect text, phone numbers, addresses and more. This feature is available on tablets with A12 Bionic chips or newer. Live Text was already available on the iPhone.

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