Mijia High-Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber And Another Cleaner Launched

Mijia High-Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber

Xiaomi and its Mijia brand have almost no equal on the market when it comes to vacuum cleaning robots. To this list, we can also add Stone, which is another Xiaomi-related company specialized in making smart vacuum cleaners. The latter is mainly known for its Roborock cleaners. However, as said, Mijia doesn’t fall behind as well.

Recently, Mijia launched its first high-temperature wireless floor scrubber. The product costs 3499 yuan ($546) and we have to say the scrubber deserves it.

Mijia High-Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber

The Mijia high-temperature wireless floor scrubber adopts a combination of suction, mopping, and washing. It cleans the floor and removes dry and wet garbage at one time.

The product sports a 3.2-inch LED digital display. So you can get informed about the operating status at a glance. The 3L large water tank can automatically fill the host with water nearly 4 times.

The Mijia High-Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber has an innovative high-temperature mode. In the latter, it supports a one-click injection of 75°C water. Through an innovative high-temperature stain removal solution, it can effectively dissolve stubborn stains such as sauce stains, oil stains, and rice grains. Also, in this mode, the product can wipe the floor 15 times per second. In comparison to other similar products on the market, the cleaning power is greatly improved.

Mijia High-Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber

At the same time, this product features a new self-cleaning system. The latter supports washing while mopping and has the ability to wash 15 times in 1 second. Its built-in sensor can monitor the degree of dirt on the ground in real-time. Then, it will automatically adjust the water volume and suction. Such an approach makes it effectively extend the battery life.

Once it completes the floor cleaning, you can place the host back into the base station. In that status, the base will automatically clean the roller brush. For this, you have to push the corresponding button. After cleaning, it will be dried with hot air at 55°C to avoid odor and mildew problems.

Mijia High-Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber

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In terms of endurance, the Mijia high-temperature wireless floor scrubber has a long battery life of 35 minutes. It sports a 780ml water purification tank and a 640ml sewage tank as standard.

Mijia High-Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber

Mijia No-Washing Sweeping And Mopping Robot

A couple of weeks ago, Xiaomi launched its first wash-free sweeping and mopping robot namely the Mijia No-washing sweeping and mopping robot. The retail price is 2999 yuan ($468).

The Mijia no-clean sweeping and mopping robot continues Mijia’s usual pure white and simple style. The cleaning station is more rounded, smaller than many of the same types of sweeping and mopping robots. Therefore, it occupies less space.

The washing station has a built-in electrolyzed water module. It can electrolyze tap water into sterilizing water, which can effectively kill a variety of bacteria. Not surprisingly, the product comes with a sterilization rate of 99.9%.

The Mijia disposable sweeping and mopping robot adopts a repetitive vibration-wiping mode that mimics human hands. So it can easily remove all kinds of stubborn stains. After each area is wiped, it can automatically return to the cleaning station to clean the mop.

In terms of performance, the Mijia no-clean sweeping and mopping robot has a built-in 2800Pa powerful motor that provides surging suction power. It has a 4-level cleaning mode that can clean soybeans, cat food, cat litter, bread crumbs, animal hair, and other dirt.

In addition, the Mijia no-clean sweeping and mopping robot has 8 ToF independent obstacle avoidance sensors. Apart from this, it boasts a new LDS laser navigation system, which can quickly build maps without fear of insufficient light. At the same time, it can customize the cleaning sequence and plan of different rooms.

In other aspects, the Mijia No-clean sweeping and mopping robot supports control via the Mijia app. In the app, you can set schedules for cleaning, zone cleaning, etc. As a Mijia product, it supports Xiao Ai voice control and can be linked with other Mijia/Xiaomi smart home appliances.

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