This Is How Xbox Game Console Will Perform After 20 Years – 32K Res At 480fps

Xbox 2042

The performance of Sony PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox host exceeds 10TPLOPS․ But the touted 4K 60fps performance is unreliable, and only the 1080p / 60fps parameters are still convenient to play at. So what will be the performance of the game console 20 years from now? Microsoft recently released a video to preview the performance of the Xbox 2042 console. The hardware it comes with is enough to run games at 32K resolution and 480fps.

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According to Microsoft’s vision, the performance of the future Xbox console will reach 1 Exaflop. This is 10 billion times more than what we have today. At the end of this year and early next year, the next generation of supercomputers in China and the United States may reach E-level for the first time. But the volume and power consumption of supercomputing will be too high.

Apart from a much-improved performance, the architecture will differ from that of a traditional electronic computer. It will use a quantum computer, which can support up to 32K ultra-super high resolution, and the frame rate of the game can reach 240fps or even 480fps. Just calculate yourself how many times it exceeds the current 1080p 60fps games.

The Xbox 2042 is not only powerful but the entire gaming experience will be also subverted. The game will achieve zero latency, and there will be no loading time. Also, the host can synchronize with different systems such as cloud games in seconds.

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Moreover, future games will be holographically displayed just like the scenes in sci-fi movies. This will fundamentally change the gaming experience.

Will the Xbox console really have such a powerful performance 20 years later? In fact, no one can guarantee. So this is just Microsoft’s promotion of the “Battlefield 2042” game.

Battlefield 2042

As for the latter, today PCGamer showed three new environments that are designed to support major battles of up to 128 players. They are:

  • Renewal: It’s an eclectic panorama in an Egyptian desert. These surroundings come with a sun array Power Station on one aspect and a lush Research Facility at the There is a wall among each area with diverse access points.
  • Breakaway: This one is in Antarctica. It consists of an Offshore Platform off the Frozen Coast and an Outlook Station perched excessive above the battlefield. In these surroundings, gamers combat in and above the ice cliffs.
  • Discarded: It’s a flooded village alongside India’s west coast. This map lets gamers combat interior its craft at the same time as airships assault from above and tanks pummel its hull.

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