Tim Cook explains why Apple will not open up the iOS system

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For many years, Apple’s iOS system has been known for its security, but this security is at the expense of diversity. Its entire system is very tight, and Apple firmly controls the App and payment permissions. Any installation or payment operations cannot bypass Apple. While this action has its pros, it also has its cons. Apple has been in and out of court because of the restrictions on its iOS system. Many users complain that Apple does not allow many applications and operations to run. Thus, Android smartphones have more freedom than their iOS counterparts. In addition to user complaints, Apple has also been subject to supervision by many countries. There are lawsuits in different regions accusing the company of monopoly and Apple faces huge fines in some countries. However, Apple still insists that it will not open up its iOS system. The question has always been Why? Recently, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO gave the answer to why the company will keep its system strictly under its control.

Tim Cook

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Tim Cook’s response

In answering some regulatory questions recently, Cook said that Apple will pay more attention to privacy and security issues.

He revealed: “The main thing we focus on in the App Store is to maintain attention to privacy and security. These are the two main principles that create a very trustworthy environment for consumers and developers to come together. If users can trust the developers and the applications are what they say it is, then developers can get a huge user base to sell their software”.

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Cook emphasized: “This is the first item on our list. The others are a distant second. What we are doing is trying to explain the decisions we make, and these decisions are the key to maintaining privacy and security. In the iPhone, there are no sideloading and other methods on the Internet. We do not open iPhone support to uncensored applications. These applications can be listed on the App Store and adopt privacy restrictions”.

That is to say, in any case, Apple will put privacy and other issues first. Thus, in the future, it is almost impossible to open third-party application stores. This will not only bring about privacy considerations, it will also bring great value to Apple. Furthermore, Apple will also generate huge income from this practice. Nevertheless, it is going to be far from a smooth ride for Apple. The company will have to contend with several litigations to pull through.

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