Blackview 11.11 sale has already kicked off, up to 44% off


Every year, the 11.11 sale gives people a great reason to get a new electronic device for less. For those who are expecting the day November 11st to come, the 11.11 sale from Blackview, a well-known consumer electronics brand, is already live, covering a wide range of products, up to 44% off, letting you indulge in the shopping spree ahead. And we will help you pointing out the most interesting discounts in various categories.


If you know Blackview well, you must have learned that outdoor rugged phone is its star line and has a solid record reputation. These products are built to take a beating — can basically survive being dropped, falling in water, and continued exposure to dirt, dust. They can be used in daily life just as normal phone, but outshine them when it comes to harsh environments to support a rugged and adventurous lifestyle. In this promotion, Blackview, going beyond all the expectations, puts its flagship series on sale.

5G rugged phones

Blackview put its two 5G flagships, Blackview BL6000 Pro and Blackview BL5000, on sale. Both are high-end devices with top-notch specs. The difference is that the former has higher configurations solely in terms of hardware that features a higher-end processor, larger storage, pro camera, etc., excelling in every occasion; the latter is game dedicated with a pro gaming system which ensures an immersive game experience while letting the user glide through multi-task.

  • Blackview BL6000 Pro, $599.99 $379.99, 37% off. Click here to buy it.
  • Blackview BL5000, $499.99 $299.99, 40% off. Click here to buy it.

Thermal rugged phones

Blackview thermal rugged phones, Blackview BV9900 Pro, Blackview BV9800 Pro, Blackview BV6600 Pro (ranged from high end to budget end) are equipped with an integrated FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging camera, which lets the user see and measure heat. This not only provides new and exciting ways to view the world but also works as a helpful troubleshooting tool to identify and fix problems from indoors to outdoors, like electric failures.

  • Blackview BV9900 Pro, $499.99 $399.99, 20% off. Click here to buy it.
  • Blackview BV9800 Pro, $449.99 $349.99, 22% off. Click here to buy it.
  • Blackview BV6600 Pro, $399.99 $249.99, 38% off. Click here to buy it.


Most of the time, we expect a device to be versatile — do everything in one device while keeping it portable. That’s what the Blackview Tab 10 tablet is built for. It is a hybrid tablet that can work as a phone as well with a dual SIMs slot for network connection and perform as a laptop with a feature of supporting an external keyboard. Given its wide applications, it’s powered by an octa-core processor for effortless multi-task, an ideal 10.1-inch FHD+ display for a great visual feast, productivity tasks, and houses a 7480mAh battery for long time use on a single charge.

Gizchina News of the week

The Doke OS_P 1.0 operating system, based on the latest Android 11 OS, can make tech-savvy users even more exciting as it has all the trendy Android features to stay on top of the newest technologies, and what’s more, it has special features developed by Blackview, like Dark Mode for reduced eyes strain in dim light, App Freezer to restrain stealthy running apps, System Manager to give a boost for overall performance. Overall, Tab 10 is so useful and handy for whatever occasions.

  • Blackview Tab 10, $199.99 $189.99, 5% off. Click here to buy it.
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If Tab 10’s 10.1-inch screen is a little small for you despite its versatility, look no further, Blackview Acebook1 laptop is for you. It sports a 14-inch FHD large display for a remarkable visual feast, whether for TV binge-watch or for news reading. And it has dual high-end BOX speakers to produce enhanced stereo quality — perfect for video conferences, home parties. The main body is made of high-strength Aluminum alloy, with weight of 1.3 kg and height of 16.3 mm, making you work and play in style. Most importantly the Acebook1 offers the biggest discounts of this promotion, 44% off. The jaw-dropping offer looks like a steal. If you find it interesting, lose no time to grab this now-or-never chance.

  • Blackview Acebook1, $499.99 $279.99, 44% off. Click here to buy it.



Wireless headset is apparently taking the trend over wired ones nowadays due to their absolute convenience and simplicity. For someone that wants top performance without top price from wireless headsets, Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro is your solid choice. It produces premium sound with triple microphone noise reduction technology coupled with enhanced hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) technology to give a noise reduction depth of 35 dB. And it looks as good as it sounds. In-ear design with soft eartips guarantees all-day comfort. Plus it provides five sizes of soft tips for a custom fit. Overall, it’s classy for office use, as well as reliable enough to shield out noise for commuting time.

  • Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro, $89.99 $59.99, 33% off. Click here to buy it.



For fitness enthusiasts, keeping yourself motivated all the time can be hard sometimes. This is where Blackview X5 smartwatch comes in — to light a fire from within and help keep up with your fitness goals consistently. It comes with 9 professional sports modes and can count steps, miles, calories, heart rate during your workout so that you can understand your workouts better and keep you motivated to meet the fitness goal each time. And it meets the IP68 waterproof rating — accompany you on a run in the rain or do swimming in the pool. In addition, it has a sedentary reminder and a sleep monitor for self-care. More useful functions include weather display, remote phone camera control, getting text, app, call notifications from your phone so you can be connected while doing activities.

  • Blackview X5, $59.99 $39.99, 33% off. Click here to buy it.

Blackview 11.11 Sale will end on November 11. The clocking is ticking. Lose no time to snap up one. Click here to learn more details of the aforementioned products as well as other nice deals.

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