November promo events on DHGate will be sumptuous


November is always a very rich month for all the chinese e-shops and sellers. With the Double Eleven shopping madness there is the biggest promo event of the year and the record will be broken by quite some billions for sure. But right after the 11.11 frenzy is over you won’t get much of a respite. Because end of November will stir it all up again with Black Friday and subsequent Cyber Monday promo events. And on DHGate e-shop they are already preparing for all of those, so they provided us with a little sneak peek.

Main Double Eleven action time will be starting fully on November 10th and will last for 4 days until November 13th. Then we will directly get into the 10 days  of Black Friday pre-sales. Which will morph into the full fledged event on November 23rd. And Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales will last up until December 1st. DHGate is planning to throw at us 30 millions of discount coupons, so there will be plenty of stuff to gather. You will be able to grab those by clicking the Lucky Camel pictures on DHGate webpages. Or in the various Lucky Draw games available. So it will surely be worth checking out their website.

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Discounts of course won’t be limited to the coupons only. There will be exclusive prices for all buyers with multi-tiered system, $6 off on $99 / $19 off on $249 / $59 off on $599 spendings. New buyers will get some extra super low deals with prices slashed for some products to just $0.01 or limited offers of $3 discount for $4 spent. And being a registered VIP member will bring some great benefits too. From special discount allowances to using points to play lucky draw games and giveaways. Get ready for November magic on DHGate !

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