Microsoft Surface Neo appears on Netflix’s “Red Notice”

Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft failed in the smartphone segment and this isn’t a mystery. The company buried its attempt with Windows Phone / Windows Mobile and decided to not compete against Android and iOS in the segment of operating systems. Instead, the company decided to invest in what proved to be a great strategy in the computing scene – applications. The giant of Redmond decided to bring its plethora of applications and solutions to Android and iOS to build a solid ecosystem. With the ecosystem ready on Android, the company introduced its Microsoft Surface Duo – a dual-screen smartphone/tablet with unique features and design. The Surface lineup has become since then, the definitive house of innovative ideas.

Microsoft is rumored to launch the Surface Neo, however, the company didn’t give any specific launch window for the device. Pieces of evidence, however, are always emerging from time to time. In the latest advancement, the device has been spotted in a new movie on Netflix dubbed Red Notice. This movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The movie was recently released across the globe, and keen-eyed viewers quickly spotted the product in a scene. For those unaware, the company has announced the Surface Neo alongside the Surface Duo in 2019. The latter has arrived, while the former was delayed. The recent cameo in the movie, however, implies that the device is not forgotten. In fact, it may still make a commercial appearance. But so far, we don’t believe its launch is close.

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There is no word if the Surface Neo will ever reach the market

The Surface Neo was “postponed indefinitely”. However, the official reason was never revealed it is likely due to the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. Furthermore, the ongoing crisis in the component segment may also have an impact on the release. On top of this, we have the lackluster reception of the Surface Duo. This probably is discouraging Microsoft from releasing another costlier hardware. Despite this, the unreleased product keeps appearing on movies and shows around the web. Interestingly, it was previously spotted at WandaVision. But there is a good reason for that.

The Surface Neo was officially disclosed in 2019. That was the same time when the shooting began for these cinematic projects. In other words, the film was shot before the pandemic and featured the product prior to its postponement. We assume that Microsoft has set partnerships with studios to further tease its product. However, it could prevent the postponement after the events that started in 2020.


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