Baseus launches W11 True Wireless Earbuds


Baseus W11 True Wireless Earbuds is officially out, a pair of earphones compatible with wireless chargers and concentrated on bass quality; available at the best rate.

There is an ocean of earbuds out there but this one holds a few distinctive features that may only be found among premium earbuds. To dig deeper on what Baseus W11 reserve, let’s partially go through several details.

Qi Wireless Charging Compatible

Induction charging technology is not a new thing in 2021, but getting it on a pair of earbud requires a little bit more budget. By putting the W11 in contrast with its equivalent rivals, its one the kind as it supports Qi wireless charging, a feature more likely only available on Apple’s audio gear AirPods 2nd & 3rd Gen, AirPods Pro or other high-end wireless earphones. If it’s your first time learning about wireless charging, in few words, you just place your earbud’s charging case on a wireless charger to recharge it — effortless charging.

Fast Wired Charging

Most audiophile wear buds all day long and it is hard to take them off when your favorite song is playing in loop, yet earbuds format restrain the size of battery cell to be housed. In terms of battery lasting time, Baseus W11 gives a 6-hour listening and up to 24-hour teamed with the charging case. On the charging side, it is crafted with a Type-C charging port compatible with PD ultra-fast charging, a way to fast charge your earbuds without extra cost for a wireless charger. To paint a clearer picture on charging speed, you’re allowed to expect the charging case being fully charged in just 1 hour with the included PD fast charging USB-C to C cable — 1h charging, 24h listening.

App Locating

Find in Back, in a Snap, Via App. As forementioned, Baseus integrated exclusive functions to this pair of beans. By downloading the Baseus App on your smartphone and linking the W11, a simple tap on the application allows to easily locate where your left it or dropped it by sounding alarm; stay aware to not use this feature while wearing them. Short or large range locating, battery status, tap command personalizing, and renaming earbuds are fully available on the App for a customize experience — lose habitude to lose your buds

Remarkable Sound Quality

Going back to the essential of earphones, sound quality and bass performance as well as latency can’t be neglected. The specs of W11 states to offer a 0.06s low latency undistinguishable by human ear for a flawless listening or hear footstep and proact on the battlefield for phone gamers. Speaking of sound, these two beans were engineered to deliver pure sound and a decent bass quality in the tier it is classed without missing to mention what to expect from a $36 earphone, notably ergonomic design, IPX8 waterproof rate, crisp and clear call, one-step pairing and all the basics. 

To wrap up all that, the Baseus W11 was designed for a use on a daily basis. In few words, “Bass Budget Buds” would be the definition for Baseus W11.

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