Google Play will open third-party payment option in South Korea

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Google has come under fire for some of its policies in the Google Play Store. One of such policies is the refusal of the Store to accept third-party payment options. However, the company is now making some changes in certain regions. According to Google Play Policy Center, from December 18th, for in-app purchases for Korean mobile phone and tablet users, “in addition to the Google Play payment system, third-party payment will be active”.

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In August of this year, the South Korean Broadcasting and Communications Commission (Radio, Film and Television Commission) passed an amendment to the “Telecom Services Law” known as the “Anti-Google Law”. The commission also commenced the implementation of the law on the same day. This law prevents Google and Apple from making “in-app purchases” and collecting commissions.

As a result, the ROK Radio, Film, and Television Commission will take follow-up measures. They will improve lower-level regulations and formulate inspection plans. Therefore, South Korea has become the first country in the world to prohibit compulsory developers such as Google and Apple from using its payment system. Earlier this month, Google also stated that the company is prepared to comply with the new law recently passed by South Korea and provide third-party developers with the option of alternative payment systems in its South Korean Android app store.

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Google said: “We respect the decision of the Korean parliament and we are sharing some changes in response to this new law, including allowing developers who sell in-app digital products and services to choose in addition to the payment methods provided to Korean users in the app store. We will add more alternatives in-app payment systems”.

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Google hit with a huge fine in South Korea over monopoly issues

Back in September, the South Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) issued a huge fine on Google. The company will have to pay a fine of 207 billion won ($176.7 million). The internet giant has to pay this fine for abusing its dominant market position. South Korean anti-monopoly agency stated that Google prevented local mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and LG from modifying operating systems and using other operating systems.

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In this regard, Google expressed its intention to appeal the decision of the Korea Fair Trade Commission. Also, South Korea believes that Google is trying to prevent Samsung, LG, and others from developing forks of Android systems. These measures include restricting access to Google applications.

KFTC claims that by activating competitive pressure, they expect more innovations to emerge. The organization expects innovations in smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and other areas. Currently, South Korea is still conducting three other investigations on the company on the Play Store. The investigations center around its in-app purchases, and advertising services.

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