Spotify’s Wrapped Year-End List Is Back, Here’s How You Can Check Your Playlist

Spotify Wrapped

Audio streaming service Spotify has released the third edition of its ‘Wrapped’ series for users across the world, even in regions like India. This feature, for those unaware, provides insight into the type of music and tracks you have been listening to over the course of the year, with Wrapped 2021 available for both Android and iOS users.

The feature also allows users to check statistics that may be of importance to them in relation to their music listening choices. The genres present in the list include most streamed songs, most loved artists, podcasts, favourite albums and more.

Furthermore, the Wrapped feature also lets users view detailed information, key of which include the number of artists they listened to, their most played song of the year, and other such things in the Stories format.

All users in most regions will get access to this feature, with specific listening statistics for your specific region and the world as a whole also present.

How to Check Your Spotify Wrapped 2021

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In case you want to check your Spotify Wrapped 2021, here are the steps you need to take.

  • Go to the Spotify mobile app
  • Tap on the “Your 2021 Wrapped” banner that is most likely present on your home screen. If you do not see this, type “Wrapped” in the Spotify search bar to see the banner. Certain random playlists might also show up, so double-check that it is the data playlist and not some random tune playlist.
  • Once you find the banner, click on it. You will go to your Spotify Wrapped “Story” from where you can see the statistics.

After this, if you want to share your data to your friends on social media, you can do so and click on “Share this Story” to do the same. Additionally, in case this does not show up, go to on your mobile browser to see your list.

In other news, Spotify has announced that it is ending support for this useful feature. For those unaware, “Car View” offers support for Spotify to make its interface much simpler, showing just song titles, certain relevant info and playback controls.

This interface is also known for offering larger touch areas and not featuring elements like lyrics, videos or something similar, so as to not distract the driver. This UI would appear just as your phone would connect to your car via Bluetooth, which could be tuned via the settings.

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