Do Xiaomi (MIUI) employees really use more iPhones? Xiaomi responds

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Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, is one of the top smartphone brands globally. The company has been in the top 5 smartphone brands worldwide for quite some time. Recently, there were reports that many Xiaomi employees actually use iPhones especially MIUI employees. The report claims that MIUI employees do not like to use the MIUI system because it has a lot of bugs in it. If MIUI employees cant use the MIUI system, how can they fix it? This has been a major topic of discussion over the past few days. However, Jin Fan, head of MIUI has now cleared the air with regards to the rumors.


According to Jin Fan, the company does not mandate employees to use Xiaomi smartphones. He said, “Although the MIUI team does not require everyone to use a mobile phone, almost everyone (more than 95%) is using Xiaomi mobile phones, and the remaining few percentage are basically iPhones”. He further claims that only one in ten MIUI employees actually use an iPhone.

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In addition, he also mentioned that his smartphone for the past nine years has been Xiaomi. A while ago, he bought the Xiaomi Civi and used it because he prefers mobile phones with relatively small screens. He further claims that the overall experience is very good.

Another Xiaomi employee, “Student Fang Ming” also claims that it is hard not to use Xiaomi mobile phones as their daily main device when working at Xiaomi. This is because there are some important integrations that make life and work easier for employees. According to the employee, the Xiaomi smartphone integrates work cards, meal cards, bank cards, bus cards, community access cards, car keys, etc. Furthermore, the core device links with the Mijia ecosystem at home, which is really convenient.

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However, as a product manager, it is sometimes important to use competing products to learn from the competition and improve. Do you think the internal staff of a mobile phone company should use competing mobile phones?

MIUI 13 in testing

MIUI is already set to unveil the new MIUI 13 system. According to reports, the company will launch this system alongside the Xiaomi 12 series on December 28th. However, the Xiaomi 12 series may not debut the MIUI 13 system. Recent reports claim that Xiaomi is testing the MIUI 13 system on some models. These models are testing the MIUI 13 system on top of Android 12.

According to reports, Xiaomi is testing MIUI 13 on Xiaomi MIX 4, Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi 10S, Redmi K40, and Redmi K40 Pro. The version number is V13.0.0.1.SKXCNXM (X represents the letters of different models, for example, Xiaomi MIX4 is V13.0.0.1.SKMCNXM, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra is V13.0.0.1.SKACNXM). However, the company is testing this system only within its internal team. This system is not available to neither developers nor internal beta testers.

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