Google employees annual salary structure leaks – starts at $97,000

According to reports, Google is one of the world’s highest-paid technology companies. A recent leak of the company’s salary structure shows that the annual salary of Google’s hardware engineers in California can reach up to $260,000. Furthermore, the company’s software engineers can earn up to $300,000 yearly. Google’s user experience engineers can take home up to $260,000annually while the engineering vice president’s yearly salary can reach $500,000.


However, we know that Google does not like to talk about wages publicly. Nevertheless, all U.S. companies must disclose how much they intend to pay foreign employees when applying for visas. After screening thousands of visa applications, you can discover how much Google attaches to many positions.

It is important to note that the data in this article is from the third quarter of 2o21. Also, the data here does not cover all of Google’s positions. It only covers the positions involving workers that are applying for US Visa. In addition, the values here are simply basic salaries and do not include substantial stock awards.

The work location for these positions varies, however, a vast majority of the salaries are for workers in California. The location of employees is often the decisive factor for their salary. According to reports, when a Google employee leaves Silicon Vally and New York, his wages will most likely fall.

Google employee salary list

Here is the full list of different positions and the annual salary of Google employees. It is important to note that all the values here are annual salaries.

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1. Engineering and Data Science

  • Software engineer: $102,000 to $300,000
  • Vice President of Engineering: $475,000
  • Chief Software Engineer: $341,000
  • Senior Engineer: $207,000
  • Engineering manager: $145,400 to $300,000
  • Data scientist: $133,000 to $188,000
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2. Research scientists and analysts

  • Research scientist: $135,000 to $277,000
  • Engineer (Research ): $126,000 to $182,000
  • Assistant researcher: $135,500 to $146,000

3. Hardware, networking, and manufacturing

  • Hardware engineer: $97,600 to $262,000
  • Manager (Hardware Engineering ): $242,000
  • Firmware Engineer: $166,000
  • Hardware reliability engineer: $148,000 to $180,000
  • Silicon Engineer: $119,000 to $208,000

4. Search

  • Head of Search Products: $128,000
  • Search Quality Analyst: $114,400 to $173,000
  • Head of Vertical Search (New York): US$14 million

5. User experience and privacy

  • Researcher (User experience): $109,000 to $223,000
  • User Experience Engineer: $123,000 to $26 million
  • Manager (User Experience): $251,000
  • User Experience Design Manager: $278,800
  • Privacy Engineer: $112,000 to $206,000

6. Other unique high-paying positions

  • Senior Vice President of Human Operations: $65 million
  • Senior Director of Sustainability: $398,800
  • Director of Global Consulting Partnerships (New York): $311,000

From the list above, we can see that Google has a pretty decent salary structure for its staff. Furthermore, there is often an overlap in the payment structure for different departments. As expected, VP and other senior positions earn millions annually. This salary structure is also a good motivation for its employees

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