Tesla “Full Self Driving” has serious issues – almost hit a pedestrian

Tesla is working towards achieving a fully self-driving vehicle that can take users to their destination. The company has released the FSD Beta 10.6 but this version is far from perfect. According to a test drive on the YouTube channel AI Addict, this self-driving version from Tesla has serious malfunctions. During a 20-minute test drive, the test vehicle had many minor problems. The Tesla map took some time to display. Furthermore, the car drove into the public transportation lane and almost hit a pedestrian.


 In addition, when passing by UPS express vehicles parked side by side, the driver encountered a malfunction when he wanted to regain control of the Tesla car. In the last test case, Tesla issued a loud siren to the driver to remind him to take control of the vehicle.

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However, we can hear the driver say that when he tried to take control of the car, it was not a smooth process. If the vehicle needs to brake, it should react very neatly. In this case, Tesla’s performance is similar to adaptive cruise control. Just last month, Tesla initiated two recalls within a week. The first is related to the possible loosening of the steering wheel fasteners of nearly 3000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. The second recall is related to the online update of FSD Beta 10.3.

There are people who believe that the only way for FSD to get better is to test it in real-world scenarios. AI Addict released an updated video about Beta 10.6.1 on December 11th. The blogger drove a Tesla to the Stanford emergency room to see how FSD performed. As the YouTube blogger pointed out, this is not a stress test of FSD in the downtown environment of San Jose. The whole process is a very simple and straightforward trip, but this does not mean that Tesla FSD is ready to hit the complex roads.

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How realistic is full self-driving (FSD)?

If Tesla didn’t believe that cars can drive themself, it will not attempt to develop FSD. However, there are many people who believe that FSD is a “pipe dream”. It will be in development for a few years and will die a natural death.

If Tesla can get the self-driving to a Level 3 autonomy, it should be enough. Here the driver can take over with some warning and get the car to safety. The FSD will be relevant or specific for easy stuff like long highway drives and traffic jams. However, for urban areas where you have people and animals all over the place, it is entirely a different ball game.

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