Blackview launches their 8” safest kids tablet Tab6 Kids

Blackview have recently launched their first 8-inch tablet model Tab6 in November, that managed to sell pretty well. But Blackview apparently doesn’t want to hold anything back to maintain its market position just before Xmas. So today they are unveiling another 8-inch tablet Tab6 Kids, designed exclusively for children under 12 years old. And they claim it’s the safest kid tablet, mostly thanks to parental controls and extra ways to provide entertainment and practical help in learning. So for children the tablet will be not only delightful, but also safe to play with. And why is that, let’s take a closer look.

What makes Tab6 Kids a tablet for children?

Tab6 Kids is designed to be the best playmate, that brings kids joy and fun. So inside Tab6 Kids children will be offered abundant kid apps to explore, both for learning and fun. There are also useful screen modes and beautiful themes they will love at the first sight. The details are listed below.

1) Educational games or entertaining videos in iKids app

For Tab 6 Kids, Blackview have developed an app called iKids with myriad of preinstalled content.  So the kids can read fairy tales, listen to popular songs, watch educational and inspiring videos, write down their ingenious thoughts and much more.

2) Large 8’’ display & practical screen modes

Tab6 Kids’ 8-inch screen is made especiallyfor children’s little curious eyes, not too large yet expansive enough to present suitable viewing comfort. And such a compact screen even supports split view, that allows kids to run two apps side by side. They can draw pictures, while watching drawing lessons on Youtube or having online classes while taking notes with Memo. Additionally, to lessen the discomfort of eye strain due to long time use, Tab6 Kids’ screen delivers eBook Mode that makes children feel like reading a paper book. It also offers Dark Mode, that enables kids to relish bedtime stories themselves without the help from their parents.

3) Gorgeous children-oriented theme

To enhance children’s concentration on Tab6 Kids, the tablet has a cartoon-style theme consisting of delicate wall paper and refined icons with attractive hues and pattern. Making each sight of the interface delightful and inspiring.

What makes Tab6 Kids the safest to play with?

Why isTab6 Kid the safest tablet? Because it not only supports parental control, but also ships with extra features,  that protects children. Including dual 4G, 4-in-1navigation system, powerful dual Box speaker, anti-shock case and efficient Unisoc T310 chipset. Here are some more details about these features.

1) Reliable parental controls

As a kids tablet, parental control is a must-have feature as there is always a  potential danger to children, when it comes to online surfing. And Tab6 Kids provides complex parental control via iKids app. With the help of iKids, parents can restrict their kids to chosen safe apps and websites. An limit them to an appropriate amount of tablet time or set break time to avoid addiction. Parents can also view statistical reports on what children exactlky do with the slate. In doing so, parents can forbid children access to bad information on the internet and ensure the safe use of the tablet.

2) Dual 4G & dual Wi-Fi

The tablet supports dual band 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi, as well as dual 4G SIM card slots. Meaning parents and kids can alway be in touch with  each other anywhere.

3) 4-in-1 navigation

Shipping with a four-in-one navigation system, including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo, Tab6 Kids will safely guide children home if they get lost in an unfamiliar place.

4) Dual Box speakers

Equipped with dual Box speakers, Tab6 Kids provides clear and dulcet sound. Which can reduce the risk of suffering hearing damage due to long time usage of earphones.

5) Protective anti-shock case

Tab6 Kids is paired with an anti-drop case, that is made from high-density EVA material. Which is a  pliable and soft material, that is often seen in iPad protective cases. The EVA case protects Tab6 Kids from breaking caused by any unexpected drops. The tablet will remain safe and unharmed for the whole childhood. Furthermore, the case comes in two colours, namely, Donut Blue and Pudding Pink. And is equipped with a support stand on the rear to help the tablet viewing angle. So the children would not suffer neck pain or hand fatigue during watching. 

6) Efficient Unisoc T310 chipset

The tablet draws power from 4G quad-core Unisoc T310 chipset, based on a 12nm process with improved algorithm and faster processing speed. That can provide strong support for all the safe operation of Tab6 Kids.  

Battery & Operating System

1) 5580mAh battery

Tablet ships with a 5580mAh battery that provides enough juice for the whole day, without the hassle of frequent charging. 

2) Upgraded Doke OS_P 2.0 based on Android 11

Blackview have put much effort into the pursuit of its operating system fluidity, hence the new Doke OS_P2.0 based on Android 11. Users can experience smoother operation, as well as upgraded interfaces such as redesigned Clock and settings. 

Price & Availability 

Blackview is offering substantial discounts right now for Tab6 Kids, which only costs 129.99 (down from 159.99) on this sale page from December 6th to 26th. Don’t miss a chance to snap up one of them.

After such a detailed introduction, it is evident that Tab6 Kids truly lives up to the expectations. It’s a safe and delightful kids table, offered at a reasonable price. For those, who are cash-strapped while wanting to buy a new tablet for their kids as a festival gift, Tab 6 Kids is  absolutely a very decent choice.

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