Elon Musk comments on Tesla car accident: No CEO cares more about safety than me


A few days ago, a tragic Tesla Model 3 accident occurred in Paris, France, causing 1 death and 20 injuries, of which 3 were seriously injured. After the accident, the Model 3 driver who was not injured claimed that a “technical problem” caused the vehicle to accelerate on its own.

Tesla accident in France attracts attention

The Tesla accident has been the subject of widespread concern, but the current investigation results are not yet been available.

However, there are reports that preliminary investigations have ruled out technical problems with this car. A spokesperson for the G7 platform said that the driver tried to brake but the car accelerated. It is unclear whether the car was in autonomous driving mode at the time.

According to news, Musk said in an interview that no other CEO in this world values ​​safety as much as he does.

Musk said that he did not mislead car owners on safety, nor did he put them at risk. What Musk is talking about here is Autopilot and FSD.

Musk also said that Tesla’s safety rating is very high, and NASA used SpaceX rockets to send astronauts to the sky; which proves that the company attaches great importance to safety. “I think there is no CEO on this planet who cares more about safety than me.”

But for Musk’s declaration, it is obvious that all car owners cannot be convinced. At present, Tesla is facing many investigations into accidents caused by automatic acceleration in China. However, there is no definite investigation on the accidents due to Tesla’s automatic acceleration. The evidence confirms.

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Elon Musk risks answering in court for his tweet about the sale of 10% of Tesla shares

In early November, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, organized a public opinion poll on his Twitter page about the advisability of selling 10% of his shares in the company. Most of the respondents were in favor of the sale; and to date, Musk has sold more than three-quarters of the target number of shares. Among the investors, there were those who did not agree with the behavior of the billionaire.

As noted by Reuters, investor David Wagner appealed to the court with an appeal to examine the internal correspondence of Tesla in order to determine the sequence of publication of information about Elon Musk’s intentions to sell his shares. We know that, under the terms of the court’s decision in 2018, Musk committed himself to agreeing on his public statements; which could significantly affect Tesla’s stock price, with the company’s lawyers. The plaintiff now wants to determine whether it was agreed with them to conduct an impromptu survey on the sale of 10% of the company’s shares by Elon Musk.

Two days before Musk began his poll, Tesla’s stock price peaked; but so far it has dropped by nearly a quarter. Since then, the billionaire himself has sold shares worth almost $ 14 billion; which he will use to pay taxes and buy new blocks of shares at a preferential price. Obviously, the decline in the price of Tesla shares could upset many investors; so the appearance of such claims against the head of the company was only a matter of time.

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