Realme GT2 series would premiere these technologies

Today Realme held a special event for the Realme GT2 series. This event is not to announce this series, rather, it is an event to unveil the new technologies that the GT2 series will debut. According to the company, the Realme GT2 series will premiere technologies. This series will debut the world’s first bio-based material, the world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle lens and the world’s first full-speed antenna matrix system.

Realme GT2

1. Bio-based material

According to the company, it brings the industry’s first bio-based materials. It uses renewable biomass as raw materials, including grains, legumes, straws, bamboo wood powder, etc. Bio-based materials have the advantages of green environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, renewable raw materials, etc. This material also has good biodegradation characteristics. When bio-based materials are discarded, they can be converted into non-toxic water and carbon dioxide through biodegradation methods such as combustion. The molecule re-enters the natural cycle. The widespread application of bio-based materials will be an important measure to solve the carbon emissions of smartphones. Realme’s new material effectively reduces carbon emissions by up to 63% per kilogram.

Realme GT2

In order to solve the increasingly serious environmental problems, China now has a “carbon neutral” strategy. Realme has taken the first step towards achieving carbon neutrality through the brand-new design.

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Realme said that its bio-based materials have passed ISCC international sustainability and carbon certification and other international certifications. Furthermore, the company has also conducted reliability tests on the new materials. It can withstand 75°C and can be stored for 21 days in an extreme environment with a temperature of 40°C. This material can also hold 27,800 light drops and can handle a 65°C 95% RH (relative humidity).

2. 150° ultra-wide-angle lens

In the camera department, the Realme GT2 series will introduce the world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle lens. The company also claims that the viewing area of this lens is 20% larger. Furthermore, it claims that the lens is “broader than any mobile phone on this planet”. The company also released the world’s first mobile phone fisheye model.

3. Full-speed antenna matrix system

In terms of communication technology, the first full-speed antenna matrix system will arrive with the Realme GT2 series. It will have the first ultra-wideband free switching antenna technology. This technology will also adopt a 12 surround-type high-integration antenna design, and an intelligent identification signal optimization for eight scenes. This technology will also have omnidirectional Wi-Fi technology that improves the balance by 20%. The new 360° all-position sensing NFC and 3 antennae array increase the sensing area by 500%. Also, the single-sided sensing distance/intensity increased by 20%.

According to the company, Realme GT2 Pro is the flagship product with the highest specifications in Realme’s history.

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