New e-cigarette brand Maxray enters the market


Over the course of few last years, we have a massive popularity rise for the e-cigarette solutions. After all smoking in general is very unhealthy and also quite a nuisance to your friends and family. With e-cigarettes you are getting a much better way to fuel your nicotine habit, while also not ruining your lungs and turning away cigarette smoke haters. There are already quite some established market names in this category, but we have to add one more name to the mix already. Because the newcomers Maxray look very promising.

The Maxray brand was founded in China and the company wants to carve a huge chunk of the market for themselves. The core of their strength lies in R&D and high manufacturing capacity. And the announced focus on innovation certainly sounds good. Even though the company is quite new, their R&D team has people with over 10 years of experience in the vaporization industry. And they are planning to commit 16% of the total revenue to the needs of the R&D department. Their own manufacturing means are also quite significant and up to highest FDA certification standards like GMP, ISO9001 or ISO4001.

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Their first offered products is the BAR C600/1200 disposable e-cigarette kit with a minimalistic design. It should provide a solid vaping experience, either for 1200 puffs with 4ml of liquid and 700 mAh batter or 600 puffs with 2ml and 350 mAh. With plenty of rich flavors to choose from it’s a good start for the brand in the market. Maxray plan to work both in wholesale and OEM/ODM on the market and we will certainly hear more about them in the future.

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