TSMC plans to build a 2nm chip factory in Taichung City (China)

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TSMC’s president, Wei Zhejia, claims that the company has actively expanded its investment in Hsinchu, Tainan, and Kaohsiung in recent years. The latest report shows that the company is now expanding its production to Taichung. According to reports, in order to create a balance in production capacity and diversification, Taichung must be one of the options for plant expansion.In order to exchange the investment environment, Wei Zhejia visited Taichung City a few days ago. 


During his visit, he reaffirmed that Taichung is one of the options for plant expansion. According to industry analysis, Wei Zhejia’s visit has direct links to the Taichung plant expansion plan. TSMC is expected to expand its 2nm plant on Zhuke Baoshan. If Zhuke’s land is insufficient, TSMC may expand its 2nm production capacity in Taichung. Wei Zhejia believes that Taichung’s excellent conditions and advantages make high-tech talents willing to stay in the city. 

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According to the analysis of the semiconductor industry, Wei Zhejia is mainly responsible for the operation of TSMC. Also, there have been no routine visits to the government where the factory is located in the past years. Zhuang Zishou is responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of the new plant. Li Junxian is responsible for operational resource planning and strategic planning. With these top officials in place, it is obvious that TSMC will move into Taichung. 

TSMC 2nm process will start mass production in four ears

At TSMC’s October legal meeting, the company revealed that the 2nm process technology will enter mass production in 2025. According to TSMC’s plan, a 2nm plant will be set up on the Baoshan site in the Hsinchu Science Park. The company is currently in the process of obtaining relevant land. However, if the land is insufficient, TSMC may expand its 2nm production capacity in Taichung.

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The industry believes that TSMC recently decided to build a factory in Kaohsiung to produce 7nm and 28nm process chips. However, Nanke is a production center for advanced 5nm and 3nm processes. To balance the layout of the northern, central, and southern regions, Taichung will be the future expansion  direction for TSMC’s advanced manufacturing process. 

TSMC maintains a consistent attitude towards the expansion plan. There are many considerations for the location of the factory. It will actively cooperate with the authorities to evaluate the land suitable for semiconductor factories. Another issue that may pose a threat in Taichung is water. However, officials in Taichung City claims that water is not an issue because many companies use reclaimed water. These companies in collaboration with the government gets 100,000 tons of reclaimed water every day to ensure that the water is safe.

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