iPad mini 6: Is this tablet really suitable for gaming?

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The iPad mini equipped with Apple’s A-series processors is not only powerful but also moderate in size and excellent in operation. Many users consider the iPad mini-series as a “gaming tablet” because of the efficient processor and heat dissipation. However, is the iPad mini 6 really suitable for gaming? iPad mini 6 uses Apple’s latest A15 Bionic processor. In comparison to the previous generation product, the CPU performance increases by 40%. Furthermore, the GPU performance can also increase by up to 80%. Also, this tablet has a strong heat dissipation design and can better utilize the performance of the A-series processor. It can easily pass as the most powerful iPad mini so far.

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In addition, the iPad mini 6 comes with a sizable display that makes gaming better. Despite its powerful performance and hardware, gaming now requires more to be perfect. However, at the moment when the 120Hz high refresh rate is popular, the mini 6 supports just a 60Hz refresh rate. This gives this tablet little or no advantage in the gaming experience of this device. At present, mainstream mobile games such as “Honor of Kings”, “Peace Elite”, and “Original God” all support 90Hz or 120Hz high refresh rate mode. Most tablets from Chinese manufacturers also support a 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate.

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iPad mini 6 60Hz display makes it a “no” for gaming

The iPad mini 6 has only a 60Hz refresh rate, so it can’t get a better gaming experience. Relying on the powerful and unmatched performance of the A15 Bionic processor, this tablet still has an advantage in frame rate when running ultra-high load games such as “Original God”. However, the low screen refresh rate significantly reduces the gaming experience.

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Since the iPad mini-series is an entry-level device, it is a little “conservative”. In addition to the low refresh rate, it also uses an LCD display. The peak brightness of the iPad mini 6 is 500 nits and the resolution is 2266 x 1488. The 8.3-inch Liquid retina screen has an original color display, P3 wide color gamut display, and ultra-low reflectivity. This means that the iPad mini 6 can present sharp text and vivid colors in most environments. This makes it very suitable for reading books or comics. In the actual experience, compared to playing games, the iPad mini 6 is indeed more suitable as an e-book reader.

The size of the iPad mini 6 is very close to that of the Kindle. Most users can hold it with one hand without pressure. It can be an excellent size for an e-book reader. It is also very convenient to carry around.

Generally, the mini 6 is not exactly perfect for gaming. However, the smaller display does not make it suitable as a business office tablet. However, thanks to the right size, excellent interactive experience, and software ecology, the iPad mini 6 is definitely perfect as an e-book reader. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this tablet is good overall. However, there are many better options when it comes to gaming.

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