iPhone SE3 is coming: Advantages Vs Disadvantages

iPhone SE 3

Unsurprisingly, Apple will hold its first conference in 2022, which is what we usually call Apple’s spring conference. Unlike the autumn conference, which mainly releases a new generation of flagship iPhones, the products released at the spring conference always bring a lot of surprises. For example, at the spring conference in 2021, Apple updated the iMac, and the amazing thinness and big chin were unforgettable. In the spring conference of 2019, some software services such as Apple News and Apple Card were released. This time, the spring conference seems to be a lot more lively. Furthermore, we expect the release of a number of unprecedented products, The iPhone SE3 will likely be one of them.

iPhone SE3

The iPhone SE3 will arrive to meet the needs of some groups for low-cost small-screen iPhones. The two-year period is approaching, and Apple will make great strides to bring other product lines into the M self-developed chip family, such as the MacBook Air, iMac 27-inch version, etc. In addition, there will be some products that get regular upgrades, such as the iPad Air.

iPhone SE3 – advantages Vs disadvantages

The “iPhone SE3” with obvious advantages and disadvantages is coming. Let me remind everyone that the previous generation of iPhone SE2 was suddenly launched on the official website. There was no separate conference and this is also possible for the iPhone SE3. Although it is a product that “clears inventory”, it can’t help but be cheap. The 128GB version is about less than $600, which should be the cheapest model among Apple’s products.

Not to mention the feel of the product, the rounded frame is great in the hand. However, the shortcomings of the product are also very obvious, especially the battery life of the product. During heavy usage, users can only use this device for three or four hours. This means that users will have to charge this smartphone more than 2 times a day. With this device, it is necessary to go out with a power bank.

According to reports, the new generation iPhone SE3 should not change much in terms of appearance. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes that the core changes of the iPhone SE3 should be the A15 and 5G technology. Of course, there will also be improvements to the camera.

As a leftover product of the flagship iPhone, the birth of the iPhone SE is the mission of clearing inventory. The mold was used a few years ago, and the processor was flagship (remember the slogan of the SE2 generation: the same “core” as the big brother “iPhone 11 Pro Max”), and the price is also very friendly to users who have limited budgets and want to buy an iPhone.

iPhone SE3 is a predictable device

The update of this product is not difficult to predict. The A15 processor to be updated is the same as the “iPhone 13” series. Apple will also introduce 5G to align with the current development trend of mobile phones.

iPhone SE 2 or iPhone SE 3

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Camera upgrade? Wouldn’t it be to introduce a “movie mode”? There should be nothing more in the camera department. In terms of price, it should remain at $399 – $499, if it is $100 higher, it will collide with the standard version of iPhone 12/13.

If you want to get this device, please pay special attention to the battery!

Although the shortcomings may be very obvious the iPhone SE3 will still have a certain impact on the current smartphone market.

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Looking at iPhone SE2 sales, according to Omdia, the 2020 iPhone SE sold 24.2 million units. It is second only to the iPhone 11 with the most sales in 2020 with 64.8 million units.

iPhone SE3 will still be attractive

According to telecomtalk, nearly 40 million iPhone 13 units were sold during Black Friday and Christmas last year. In Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2022, iPhone 13 sales may exceed 80 million units. Thus, we can clearly see that even if it is a “micro innovation”, the iPhone SE3 will still be attractive.

Sources from the South Korean component industry said that Apple announced to increase its iPhone shipment target by 30% in the first half of 2022, which will bring the total annual iPhone shipments to more than 300 million units for the first time. Analysts also believe that the sales forecast of the iPhone SE3 is about 30 million units.

Look, the iPhone doesn’t have to worry about selling, and the iPhone SE3 doesn’t have to worry about selling!

Cook is about to fulfill his promise!

Let’s go back in time to WWDC 2020 two years ago. At the conference, Apple officially announced that the transition of processors on Macs from Intel to Apple’s own research is expected to take two years.

Which Apple products now have their M internal chips?

In November of the same year, Apple held a special conference and officially launched the MacBook Pro and Air equipped with self-developed M1 chips. The stronger performance and battery life shocked many people.

At the spring conference in April 2021, Apple launched a new and colorful iMac. This design is the first since the iMac came out in 1998. It uses the M1 chip, which is thinner than previous Intel models, a 1080P front-facing camera, and a 24-inch 4.5K display.

At the same conference, Apple also launched the M1 version of the iPad Pro. At the end of last year, Apple held another press conference, launched the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro with new designs. The company also upgraded the previous M1 chip, turning it into the more powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max.

What products will use M chips at the spring conference?

The first is the MacBook Air. The iMac 27-inch version may use a new design in the way of the 24-inch version with M-series processors. In addition, the Mac mini will also upgrade from the M1 to the M2 processor. There will also be a better iPad Air 5. If the transition from the iPad Air 3 to the Air 4 is a big change, the Air 5 is a small upgrade at best—mainly the decentralization of some technology from the iPad Pro.


The upcoming spring conference will undoubtedly have a number of PC products with self-developed M-series chips. These will include MacBook Air, iMac, or Mac mini. The regular iteration of the iPhone SE3 will also attract a lot of consumers. However, it has its significant pros and cons.

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