Huawei users will be able to deactivate face-unlock with the face


When a phone is lost or stolen, the password can greatly ensure the security of the user’s personal data and funds. However, what if the robber takes the user hostage and then puts the phone in front of the victim to unlock the phone? The Qichacha APP shows that on March 1, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published a patent for “a method of unlocking a display screen and its device”. This can prevent users from unlocking their phones through their faces when they are coerced.


The patent publication number is CN114125145A. The patent abstract shows that the method obtains the user’s current pupil parameters and the reflected light intensity of the face through the camera module when the display screen is locked and the screen is bright. If the current pupil parameter is greater than the pupil parameter of face unlock, the device obtains the user’s current micro-expression. If the micro-expression reveals that the user is currently in a state of coercion, a preset unlocking interface is displayed. This also includes password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, and iris unlocking.

Huawei says the patent prevents users from unlocking the display of an electronic device. Specifically, it prevents them from unlocking the device with their face when there is coercion.

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HUAWEI Intelligent Vehicle – Does Huawei really make cars? 

The company has frequently shown its muscles in the automotive business before. Huawei has been in business with car companies such as Celis and Avita to launch and mass-produce cars. These cars use Huawei’s smart solutions. Furthermore, the company is also taking part in smart driving and smart Harmony cockpits.

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So will Huawei choose to build its own cars? If so, what is the logic of Huawei’s car making? Huawei Smart Vehicle SolutionsInnovation Center is located in Huqiu District, Suzhou City, with a total area of ​​2,000 square meters.

To answer the question simply, Huawei will not choose the road of building its own cars. However, the company will focus on the supplier route that Huawei itself is better at. It will cooperate with car companies to help car companies build better smart cars.

Obviously, the company will not build its own car. It is obvious that Huawei must take a cooperative route in the automotive business. How exactly? Huawei’s logic in the field of smart cars is to provide smart solutions for car companies. These are the components for electric cars and also the software systems. The demand for automotive electric vehicles will greatly increase in the future.

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