Chechnya’s president called Elon Musk “Ilona” for defying Putin

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In the arena populated by Chechen warriors and Vladimir Putin, Elon Musk tries to send blows. The CEO of Tesla first published some mockery on Twitter by calling on the Russian president to face him in single combat to save the honor of Ukraine. He took it badly since he did not only attract the rage of the Kremlin. In the family of strong allies of Vladimir Putin, we are talking this time about Ramzan Kadyrov.

Chechen president accused of kidnappings, torture, assassinations and persecution of homosexuals by Human Rights Watch, Ramzan Kadyrov, somewhat annoyed to see him provoke Vladimir Putin, took a dislike to Elon Musk. The Daily Mail reports that the soldier slurred the billionaire on Telegram. After assuring him that the Russian president would martyr him in battle, he gave him the nickname “Elona”.

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“You’re going to have to pump up your muscles to go from the Elona to the brutal Elon you have to be,” said Ramzan Kadyrov. Quick dictionary lookup: “elona” means “uterus” in Ukrainian. To understand that the warlord here points the finger at the “effeminate” appearance of the entrepreneur.

” You will come back from the Chechen Republic a completely different person, Elona. I mean, Elon,” Kadýrov concluded his message, to which the Tesla founder reacted quickly.

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Chechnya’s president called Elon Musk “Ilona” for defying Putin

Particularly upset, the warlord continued to warn his interlocutor. “Vladimir Putin will look unsportsmanlike when he beats you, who are a much weaker opponent.” Clearly, the two men “do not play in the same league”. Ramzan Kadyrov also wanted to give advice to Elon Musk on the best training to follow. On the program: handling firearms at the Russian special forces university and a trip to the Akhmat combat club to “take the punches”.

Nothing disturbing for Elon Musk who chose to respond to the venom with his usual sarcasm. “Thanks for the offer, but such excellent training would give me too much of an advantage. If he’s afraid to fight, I’d agree to only use my left hand and I’m not even left-handed. Signed, Elona,” he tweeted.

In a separate news, Elon Musk’s Sunday lamentations about inflationary pressure on Tesla’s business did not go unnoticed – prices for new brand electric cars in the US and China rose for the second time in 7 days, and in their historical homeland the price increase reached $ 3,000, $ 5,000 or $ 10,000 per car, depending on the model. Chinese-made electric cars have risen in price by 5%.

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