Blackview Tab 12 hits the market as the best budget tablet in 2022

Blackview Tab 12

The Chinese tech company, Blackview, is currently leading the mid-range tablet market in Europe. Last year’s Blackview Tab 11  immediately gained global recognition and fame since its debut, but Blackview doesn’t stop here. In an attempt to offer better experience to customers, the company, according to reliable leakers, is planning to roll out a feature-packed tablet called Tab 12 this month. The tablet is a powerful upgrade of  Blackview Tab 8, a tablet that often ranked top in sales among Blackview tablets series.

Chief executive officer, David Xu said in an interview, “We made the update because we always believe that to grow with our customers will keep us closer to them. And to grow, we have to make better devices every year. So Tab 12 will not only be more powerful, but also more affordable.” With that being said, can Tab 12 truly be an excellent competitor in the tablet market and outperform its predecessor? Before jumping to conclusions, we might as well dig a bit deeper into the slate to see how good it could possibly be.

Simplistic Design: from curved edges to flat edges, from plastic to metal 

Although there hasn’t been any official release of  Blackview Tab 12’s specs, we do get some pictures for us to have a deeper look at it. Tab 12 seems to take a different route from Tab 8 in terms of  design. It adopts innovative flat edges ,which are quite the rage now. While the Tab 8 ran with curved edges, which were also in vogue at the time of its launch. But trends are always moving on.

Another great change from Tab 8 to Tab12 is the material of the back cover. The former used a fusion of plastic and metal, while the latter is full metal build. Therefore, Tab 12 is likely to offer more classy touch than Tab 8 does.

Improved 10.1-inch Display: clearer visual fun

It is said, that Tab 12 will bear the same 10.1-inch display with FHD+ IPS panel and 1200*1920 resolution. But leakers said the screen of Tab 12 will deliver better clarity and vividness, than the Tab 8. It should be thanks to its In-cell technology, making the display thinner with improved visibility. Therefore users can expect more visual enjoyment with excellent vividness and improved contrast, while playing video games, browsing social feeds or watching live streams on Tiktok.

High-efficiency Octa-core Unisoc SC9863A: 128GB to 1TB expandable storage

Based on the expectations,  that Tab 12 will come equipped with the octa-core Unisoc SC9863A chipset. Although Unisoc SC9863A isn’t the fastest and most up-to-date processor, feedback on the chipset has always been great. Users of Tab 8, which features the same processor under the hood, can testify to that. So the new Tab 12, as another value-for-money tablet, naturally follows its predecessor.

Gizchina News of the week

In terms of storage, Blackview Tab 12 is likely to offer 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB of internal storage. For those, who intend to use the tablet for study, work or  entertainment, 4 GB & 64 GB storage combi is already enough to hit the sweet spot in daily life. Aside from RAM and ROM, there is up to 1TB expandable storage,  allowing users to download more TV drama episodes or films without any storage shortage.

Improved 6580mAh Battery: Longer durability

Rumors suggest, that Tab 12 will share the same battery as Tab 8, which is powered by a 6580mAh battery. But Blackview Asia Product Management Director revealed that “While the two have the same battery, Tab 12 is backed up by more mature battery technology that will probably make it two times more long-lasting that Tab 8.”  If so, then Tab 12 is likely to survive 1.5 days of use without the next charge. Which is great to hear, especially for people who are often travelling, both business trips or adventure.

More Realistic and Pleasing Sound: Upgrades to Smart PA 

Unlike Tab 8, that bears non-smart speakers, Tab 12’s 1217 speakers are updated with a smart PA(power amplifier) system and K9 chipset. Endowed with better algorithms and capabilities to mimic real-life sound in a more realistic way. Especially in playing music with a bunch of bass and highs, Tab 12 sounds more dulcet and melodious than Tab 8, which sounds a bit monotonous. Apart from that, Tab 12 steps further in noise reduction in sound performance, bringing clearer and uninterrupted music gala.

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Improved OS: from DokeOS _P 1.0 to DokeOS _P 2.0             

As for the operating system, one leaker said there will be a huge update from DokeOS_P 1.0 to DokeOS_P 2.0. After all, with Tab 8, Blackview software team only tinkered with desktop and camera. But this time the team seems to have made a great transformation of its OS. Loaded with DokeOS_P 2.0,  Blackview Tab 12 will be pre-installed with apps like System Manager, Cold Room, Game Mode, the well-known Notebook and the all-in-one WPS office app. Assisted by those neat and productive apps, users are likely to enjoy a more fluent OS and more efficient lifestyl. Since Cold Room is going to help them free up more RAM, while Game Mode can speed up gaming fluency and the  Notes will offer better convenience for work or study.

So far it seems that Blackview Tab 12 has more potential to be popular in the tablet market, since the slate is backed up with much nicer specs than Tab 8. But we are still waiting to get the full specification to form a truly fair opinion about the slate. The good news is, that the price of Tab 12 would be rather affordable—only 199 $ and the tablet is estimated to be launched on May 15th . Those who are after a tablet like this one can check out Blackview official website for more information.

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