Eddie Munson forever! Netflix pays tribute to iconic Stranger Things character

Eddie Munson

Stranger Things 4 has reached its end, and now Netflix is preparing the ground for the fifth and final season of its most popular show. After four seasons, the show keeps attracting more and more fans, and after all those years it’s natural to be attached to certain characters. Apart from Eleven, and other iconic characters, one of the most loved is Eddie Munson. The streaming giant is pretty much aware of the popularity and decided to pay tribute to the character. Therefore, Eddie Munson from “Stranger Things” has been immortalized in a crop circle in Indiana.

Eddie Munson will live forever thanks to Netflix’s tribute

Eddie Munson

This time around, the interesting Eddie Munson-shaped crop circle, wasn’t made by aliens. Instead, the big “N” was the one behind this funny tribute. The company decided to immortalize Stranger Things 4’s late, breakout character with help from crop artist Stan Herd. The artists created an elaborate tribute to Eddie in a cornfield. The artwork shows Eddie’s iconic devil horn pose from the season’s very first episode. He is wearing his Hellfire Club shirt. Obviously, Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” is playing over Netflix’s video displaying Herd’s work.

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The video obviously carries a tribute-oriented title, therefore it stands as “Eddie, This is For You”. Unfortunately, the company didn’t say exactly where the memorial is, only stating that it’s somewhere in Indiana, United States.

Therefore, if you’re a strong fan of Eddie Munson, and want to head to the tribute you’ll need to overcome certain challenges. First, you’ll need to be in Indiana, second, you’ll need to locate the memorial. It’s an insane quest, but we’re pretty sure that are fans that will locate it in just a few days.

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Eddie Munson

We have to say that this was a very interesting advertisement for Stranger Things 4. In the same way, it’s Netflix finding a way to honor those who have been loyally watching the show for all these years. The company is certainly trying to keep subscribers attached to its originals and, hence, attached to the platform.

The company wants to contain the recent loss of subscribers, and honoring fans may be part of the new strategy. However, it’s also bringing advertisements which may generate a negative effect. 

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