Nintendo Switch Vs Sony PS4 global sales – set to break Sony PS4 record

Nintendo Switch

In March this year, Nintendo Switch officially celebrated its fifth year anniversary. Over the past five years, this gaming console has been doing quite well in the market. In terms of revenue, as of this year, Nintendo Switch has close to $60 billion since its launch. Furthermore, in the fourth quarter of last year, the Switch’s sales hit 103.54 million units, successfully surpassing the Wii console’s 101.63 million units. According to VGChartz statistics, the total global sales of Nintendo’s console Switch hit 110 million. This means that the company has sold over 7 million units in the first few months of the year. Nintendo Switch is now set to break the record of the Sony PS4.

Nintendo Switch

According to the current trend, the sales of the Nintendo Switch may even exceed the highest sales in history created by the Sony PS2. Statistics show that as of June this year, the total global sales of PS4 released in 2013 was 116.96 million units. In the same month, the total global sales of the Switch released in 2017 reached 109.8 million units. This means that the Switch is only 7.14 million units away from the current sales of the Sony PS4.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch sales are much faster than Sony PS4

It is worth mentioning that June 2022 is the 64th month of the Switch release, while the 64th month of the PS4 release is February 2019. In the 64th month of the Sony PS4 release, the total global sales of the console were 93.75 million units. Sony PS4 actually hit 110 million units in the 79th month of its release. This shows that the Nintendo Switch is clearly selling faster than the Sony PS4.

In addition, the Switch has outsold the PS4 by 4.94 million units in the past year, and after the Switch’s 33rd month on sale, Sony’s PS4 has never outsold the Switch in a single month. Therefore, according to the current trend, it is only a matter of time before the total global sales of Switch will break the Sony PS4 record. It may even reach 155 million units, surpassing the highest sales in history created by the Sony PS2.

Gizchina News of the week

Earlier this month, there were reports that the new Switch Pro model may officially arrive before the end of this year. The reports also claim that the new model will maintain the same form factor and support the current base. Also, the new Switch will also provide a better performance, but the specific improvement is unknown.

First free update for Nintendo’s ‘Switch Sports’ coming today

Nintendo officially announced that “Nintendo Switch Sports” will usher in the first update after its release on July 27. This update is free and will join new leagues: S League and Unlimited League, Room ID feature, more actions for football and volleyball, and more. Starting at 6 pm PT on July 26th (10 am Beijing time on July 27th), Nintendo will be rolling out a free software update for all users. This new update will bring many new features to the game.

Nintendo Switch

Previously, Nintendo Switch Sports only support the use of leg straps to simulate kicking in the Shooting Showdown mode. However, after this new update, whether it’s “1 v 1” or “4 v 4”, users can play the game with leg straps. Players can sprint by holding the Joy-Con and wave their wrists, and use their legs to kick the ball. In this mode, the usual movement and jumping will take place on their own. It is very recommended for players who have difficulties, and the official also adds a tutorial for the new mode.


In addition to football, volleyball will also add a new “back-flying attack”, adding an “S-level” league and “∞ (unlimited) league” to open “room ID” and other functions on the basis of the current “A-level” league.

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