How To Watch The Meteor Shower (Shooting Stars) At Its Peak

Having your site on a Meteor Shower or the Shooting Stars might seem to be something ordinary to most people who haven’t experienced it yet. But the real experience is a truly unforgettable moment due to the memories it comes with. As a matter of fact, people go camping with families and loved ones. Just so they can make this site seeing a special one.

What is Meteor Shower

Meteor shower
Star shower taken in china

A Meteor shower occurs when dust or particles from asteroids  enter Earth’s atmosphere at very high speed. When they reach the Earth’s atmosphere, these little particles also known as meteors rub against air particles in the Earth’s atmosphere and create friction, which causes  meteors to heat up. As a result of the intense heat, most of the little particles or meteors evaporate causing what most people call the Shooting Stars.

Depending on which part of the earth surface that plows into these debris left behind by the asteroids or comets. Astronomers can predict the timing of the meteor as well as the intensity.

In many cases, meteors are seen in the earth’s atmosphere from 60 miles away. Some of them splatter due to their large particle size which causes a very bright flash in the sky. This bright flash is usually referred to as fireball. This fireball mostly occurs during the day. And you can hear the splatter sound it makes from as far as 30miles away.

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The large size of the atmosphere makes meteors look cool and slow. But in actual fact, they travel at an average speed of 30,000miles per hour. And temperature averaging around 1.648 degrees celcious.Meteor shower

In most cases, we see Meteors falling one after the other and in different directions. But there are particular times in the year  when we see hundreds of meteors lighting the sky every hour. Radiating in all directions, and falling beautifully toward Earth one after the other.

The most impressive meteor shower is the leonid meteor shower. At its peak, the leonid meteor is capable of producing about thousands of meteors per minute. This is what makes the sky looks like a dreamland in the night.

Where And How To Watch The Meteor Shower

Unfortunately, not everyone in any part of the world will have the chance to have a feel of this beautiful experience. Those in the northern hemisphere have the best chance to experience the meteor shower. A bright moon and environmental or artificial bright lights can interfere with the real natural feeling of this wonderful site seeing.

The best place to enjoy meteor shower is usually the most remote areas. Where there are no skyscrapers or too much lighting. Also, the best viewing time for meteor shower is within the late dawn. This is why people go camping with their families and love ones just to have a better view of the meteor shower.

Even though it is best to see this beautiful natural occurrence with your own eyes, your location might not favour you. But with technology, you can also enjoy the scene since there are apps that can help you have a glimpse of how it looks like right from your home. Apps like Nasa App, Sky Guide App, Sky Safari App and few others out there can be used to watch a live telecast of the Meteor Shower.

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