UWANT X100 cordless vacuum cleaner is the perfect swiss army knife of cleaning


Do you know why swiss army knives are so popular ? Because they are universal with various different tools at your disposal, so you handle any sort of a situation. And our featured gadget for today is like a swiss army knife in the cleaning category. Because UWANT X100 Cordless All In One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect solution for any cleaning you would need to do. And with the launch promo and our special discount coupon you can have it even cheaper. What’s not to like ?

UWANT X100 cordless vacuum cleaner uses patented double brush rollers so you can handle both dry and wet problems simultaneously. Unlike the usual kind of the cordless and robotic cleaners. It’s just an universal all in one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop. With 600ml clean water and waste water tanks you can just keep going and intelligent dirt sensing infra-red sensors will automatically adjust the water volume and suction. One-touch self-cleaning with patented automatic hair cutting is yet another nice feature touch. Just like the voice-assisted prompts, 360° flexibility or LED smart screen for the charging base.

Gizchina News of the week

The original price for UWANT X100 is set at $499, but the launch promo cuts it to just $429. And with our discount coupon 30gizchina you can shave off additional $30. With full 21% off the final price becomes just $399, valid until September 16th. But thats only the start of the perks !


With the promo period the first 150 orders will also get a special accessory package worth $55.97 for free. Not a bad start and you can find all about it on the activity page. You can also save another 10%/20%/30% if you buy 2/4/6 UWANT deep cleaning solutions. Something for the extended family then ? And if you share the Facebook UWANT giveaway post you can also be randomly chosen as a winner for some great prizes, including one free UWANT X100. The company also provides a standout after-sales service with 30-day return period, 1 year US warranty or 2 year EU warranty. Find more about it on their website.

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