iPhone 13 internet reception quality is much inferior to Android flagships

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According to a new test by editors from the Chinese blog Mydrivers, It turned out that Apple‘s latest flagship smartphone iPhone 13 mobile internet signal quality is much inferior to other flagship smartphones.

The editors have noticed that the mobile phone gaming experience is affected by network signal problems. If the signal is relatively good, most smartphones will not have problems. But when the signal is relatively poor, it will show the difference in the strength of each mobile phone.

In response to this problem, they prepared several recent smartphones for testing. The smartphones tested this time include the OnePlus 10Pro, iPhone13, Redmi K50 and Motorola’s X30, four popular mobile phones.

iPhone 13 loses to the OnePlus 10 Pro, Redmi K50 and Motorola X30 in terms of network signal quality

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First of all, the test environment is an area far from the public WIFI host in the office. That is, an environment with poor signal itself. Because they found that in the test in the normal environment of the office area, the difference in the receiving ability of the four mobile phones to the network signal is basically the same, and it is not obvious. So they changed the test environment to an area with a weaker signal.

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The method of this signal test is to play three games, “League of Legends Mobile Games”, “Peace Elite” and “Call of Duty Mobile Games”, and test the game opening speed and game experience respectively. Check the game scene to see if a mobile phone can still play normally in a WIFI environment with poor signal.

As a result, although the iPhone 13 is the most expensive among these mobile phones. It is indeed stronger than other mobile phones in terms of hardware performance. Including the optimization of games, as well as the performance of mobile phone heating and battery life. But in terms of signal, the iPhone 13 is undoubtedly at the bottom.

So if your home WIFI is good and you basically use WIFI to play games. Then it is better to choose iPhone 13. If you often play games outdoors, or if the WIFI signal is weak. The gaming experience of the iPhone 13 will be greatly reduced due to the signal.

For several other smartphones, as long as the signal is not extremely poor, you can get a smoother gaming experience in most cases. Compared with the iPhone 13, Android smartphones are not bad in terms of signal performance.

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