Apple wants to make smartphones from ‘waste’

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In a recent interview, Apple CEO, Tim Cook reveals that Apple’s long-term goal is to not have to use any resources on the earth to make products. The company aims to produce smartphones from ‘waste’ or recycled products. Cook said that it is important for Apple to produce products in an environmentally friendly way. Whether it is the materials used or the recycling of materials, we want to make the earth a better place. Furthermore, Tim Cook also claims that as a company, Apple has achieved carbon neutrality. In addition, by 2030, it hopes to achieve carbon neutrality, including the supply chain and products used by consumers, and believes that Apple can make products without any resources on the earth. This is only a long-term goal for Apple and it’s nothing the company can achieve anytime soon.

smartphones from waste

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Of course, misunderstanding Apple’s target, there have been heated discussions regarding Apple’s claims. Some believe that Apple is just fooling gullible netizens. However, this may not entirely be the case. The company has been working hard towards this goal and has already achieved industry leadership.

Apple needs environmentally friendly devices

However, what we need to understand is that Cook does not mean that Apple will use alien resources. However, the company aims to use environmentally friendly materials and recycled materials. This is the ultimate target for Apple is to produce smartphones from ‘waste’ and as it protect the environment.

Just like last year, Apple stopped using plastic film to cover the boxes of the iPhone 13 and Phone 13 Pro, thus saving 600 tons of plastic. At the same time, recycled materials are generally used in the production, manufacturing and packaging of iPhone 13 series mobile phones. For example, the internal touch engine of the mobile phone uses 100% recycled tungsten. With this, it accounts for 99% of the tungsten content in the entire device. The main board plating layer uses 100% recycled tungsten and 100% recycled gold is used for the front and rear camera cables.

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    they already do that… iPhones are e-waste