MEGAWHEELS A5 electric scooter – one of the most affordable ones available

Megawheels A5

Convenient mobility is really quite a theme these days, especially in the city environment. Having a car at your disposal is becoming quite a burden for various reasons. From the lack of parking space to always increasing gas prices and traffic congestion. And for many people the “green” eco side of things is also pretty important as well. Electric cars can be still a very expensive undertaking, so it’s logical to look elsewhere to solve your city mobility issues. And electric scooters can be exactly the answer you are looking for. Handy, compact, easy to store and carry, while extremely efficient and useful.

Electric scooters are now one of the preffered methods of commuting in cities, because you are getting so many perks. You can bypass traffic jams, ride on super narrow roads and pathways or even just fold the scooter and enter public transportation with it. All of that using just the power of electric energy and not polluting the environment with gas exhausts. And if you would ever want to do something for your health, you can always use the scooter as a kickbike one without any propelling help. It will certainly not going to gather dust in the corner.

MEGAWHEELS A5 is here now

There are plenty of established and well liked electric scooter brands with good reputation and MEGAWHEELS certainly belong among them. The company has quite some interesting electric scooter models under their belt in various categories. Even dabbling in great e-bikes to expand the portfolio. But today we will focus on the new addition in the growing family of electric bikes. MEGAWHEELS A5 smart electric scooter got into the market in July and now is one of their most interesting offerings. And definitely deserves a much closer look at its features, specs and overall benefits.

Megawheels A5

Beauty at a first glance

MEGAWHEELS A5 smart electric scooter is quite a looker already at first glance, with fancy black or white color variants and aluminum alloy build with water resistant IPX5 certification. It will stand out of the crowd even more in the low light conditions, thanks to the ambient LED light stripes on the sides of the scooter. With intelligent light sensing these stripes will automatically turn on in low light and then off in the strong light. The effect will certainly turn some heads and also helps with the scooter’s visibility and safety of the rider. The whole light equipment is equally impressive with LED headlight, brake activate tail light and reflectors for improved visibility.

The scooter is fairly light with roughly 14kg of weight, which helps with carrying around. The foldable design is extremely easy to operate with a quick release latch. So you can just store it in the trunk of your car or at home in a storage unit. The sturdy build is well enough for a 120kg of live weight of a rider, so even the bigger ones among us can ride safely. It’s meant for adult riders with 130-200cm of height, but 10+ years old is the official word.

Megawheels A5

Powerful motor and great wheels

MEGAWHEELS A5 is equipped with a powerful 350W brushless motor on the rear wheel, which can provide speed up to 25 km/h. Of course depending on the chosen riding mode, either Energy Saver, Standard or Sport. And it can climb up to 15% hill gradeability. Hand operated disc brake plus dual rear wheel brakes and electronic brake for your safety. And with 9-inch puncture proof highly flexible vacuum tires you get quite a comfortable ride even on rough or uneven surfaces. The front comes with a honeycomb texture for better adhesion on the road as well.

Every electric scooter needs a massive battery to deliver some solid range too. And MEGAWHEELS A5 is not going to disappoint with its UL approved 36V 7.8Ah battery pack. With it you can expect roughly 30km of range on a single charge. And the full charging time not bad at all with about 4 hours. Another welcome feature of the scooter is the big and bright LED smart display right in between the handlebars. It’s easily legible even in strong sunlight and you can track all the important info like speed or battery life. And with Bluetooth module you can connect it to the phone app for easy no inductive unlocking or some extra control.

Megawheels A5

Get it for an unbeatable price

MEGAWHEELS A5 is available for their US warehouse for only $439.99 and you can save even more. Because the extra code A5USD40 will shave off another $40 from the official pricing. UPS shipping will take max to 7 days and you will enjoy one-year limited warranty and repair office right in the US. This electric scooter is one of the most affordable models in the market and is not going to disappoint at such a low price. You can check out all about it on the MEGAWHEELS official website and if interested make the purchase right there as well.

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