Google will notify you if your sensitive information is posted online


A new feature is being rolled out by Google for Android and the web. Finding all the relevant results and requesting their deletion becomes simple. Ideal for hiding your phone number or address from public view.

Google aims to safeguard your privacy and stop the current trend (revealing personal data with malicious intent). The Mountain View company has put in place a new feature that went live today to address this.

This feature provides you control over your online data and is accessible on the Google Android app and the web. You may view what personal information is available via the search engine by visiting Results About You, which is accessible from your profile page.

Thus, the user may check to see if his phone number, email address, or physical location is public. If so, he may ask for deletion.

Google is testing the “Results about you” tool for Google Search


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We should mention that the American company will dereference the affected site rather than take it offline. Since we won’t be able to access the material using Google Search anymore, finding it will be much, much harder even if it will still be available. Additionally, Google claims that starting in 2023, you will receive notifications if any of your private information is discovered online.

So, it will be simple and quick to request deletion. Obviously, the objective is to combat cyberbullying, especially when it targets vulnerable or less well-known individuals. We have lost track of how many times a person’s phone number or address has been available online with the obvious purpose to cause damage.

In truth, the request to erase personal information from the search engine is not new; this application only aims to make the procedure easier. There will be no need to manually look for information yourself. This new function is currently only available in English. Google assures that support for other languages will take place available in the future.

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