Google Maps Gets New Features, Including AR-Enabled Search With Live View

Google Maps

Google Maps will get some changes in the coming weeks/days. We guess you are aware of a new feature called “Search with Live View” unveiled in September. It’s not available for all cities, only the big ones. Next week, it will be available on both iOS and Android platforms in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo. This feature uses augmented reality (AR). For this, you have to use the phone’s camera.

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Google Maps New Features

Google Maps’ “Search with Live View” works in the following way. For instance, you are in San Francisco and want to find some restaurants to spend an evening with friends. Due to various techs, such as AI, AR, and Street View images, Google Maps will display different places near you. In the app, you only have to lift your phone and tap on the camera icon in the search bar.

The AR module will display arrows and directions in front of a real-world view. What’s more interesting, you will get a lot of information, such as whether a store is open or closed, whether it has discounts, whether the Google Maps community recommends it, etc.

Gizchina News of the week

Another update will be handy to electric vehicle (EV) owners. Now, Google Maps will find “EV charging stations” when searching for the corresponding keyword. If you want only the stations that provide chargers 50kW or higher charging, just press on the “fast charge” filter.

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Google Maps Search with Live View

Of course, there is a filter allowing us to see only charging stations that use plug types compatible with your car. By the way, you can already use this feature on iOS and Android devices.

Lastly, Google Maps shows wheelchair-accessible places in Australia, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. The feature has been available for two years. But now, Google makes it available globally.

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