The iPhone 15 could be partly inspired by the iPhone 5C

iPhone 15
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The iPhone 15 will resemble the iPhone 5C, a cheap smartphone introduced in 2013. A leak claims that a portion of the previous entry-level phone’s design served as inspiration for Apple.

On Twitter, ShrimpApplePro—a very active social media insider—teased parts of the upcoming iPhone 15 design. The first evidence he has indicates that “a revolutionary design of the edges” will set apart Apple’s upcoming iPhones.

The insider makes sure that the corners’ back faces are now rounded. This part of the iPhone 14 is angular. The phones have flat metal borders all around, just like earlier generations. So, the angle and the back glass do not meld together. They are two distinct components.

iPhone 15 design: return to the fundamentals

It appears that this strategy, introduced with the iPhone 12 in 2020, will come to an end with the iPhone 15. The leaker said that “all these corners will be rounded.” The matt glass back should then meld with the metal portion of the edge at the upper and lower corners. Therefore, from one year to the next, the rear face’s aesthetics should change. On the front face, however, these rounded corners won’t be apparent.

The source adds that the aesthetics of the angles may be similar to the 2013-released iPhone 5C, a budget-friendly smartphone. Recall that the initial iPhone and iPod Touch versions also featured backward curving angles. Apple might therefore implement a new return to fundamentals with the iPhone 15.

The leaker LeaksApplePro has created a 3D rendering depicting what an iPhone 15 would be like with rounded corners toward the back based on this new information.

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The iPhone 15 is confirmed to be made of titanium

ShrimpApplePro guarantees that Apple will use titanium for the iPhone 15 at the same time. According to the insider, this new material will take the place of stainless steel on all models in the line. However, a prior rumor from LeaksApplePro claimed that Apple would save the titanium for the iPhone 15 Ultra, the most expensive model. The leaker recently noted in a tweet that the material will only be available for expensive models, specifically iPhones marked Pro (or Ultra according to some sources).

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For the record, Apple should launch four models in the range. A basic iPhone 15, an iPhone 15 Plus, an iPhone 15 Pro, and an iPhone 15 Pro Max, which would be renamed iPhone 15 Ultra, would be available from the brand. The Californian firm will reveal its new flagships in September 2023.

What about the specs?

iPhone 15

Apple won’t use the same chip in every iPhone 15 as it did this year. The company will once more place its faith on “two CPUs to further differentiate between standard and high-end devices,” according to TrendForce. In more specific terms, the TSMC-engraved A17 Bionic processor should be running in the 15 Pro and 15 Ultra. The A16 Bionic chip, which is currently present in the iPhone 14 Pro, should be running in the 15 and 15 Plus.

This was already done by Apple with their iPhone 14 line. Apple explains the pricing variance between the range’s versions by saving the new A16 chip for its iPhone Pro. Unfortunately, this approach prioritizes the Pro versions above the less expensive models.

In contrast to the less expensive models, the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra would come with 8 GB of RAM. A first for Apple. The iPhone 14 Pro does indeed have 6 GB of RAM. According to TrendForce, the manufacturer is gradually adding additional RAM to its handsets to “meet their new processor.” The 15 and 15 Plus, on the other hand, should be content with 6 GB of RAM, further highlighting the differences between the models.

The iPhone 15 Pro/Ultra camera is also included in the TrendForce research. Apple would bet on an 8-lens main camera sensor for both versions, as opposed to the 48-megapixel module of the iPhone 14 Pro’s 7 lenses. We should also see a periscope telephoto lens on the most costly model, the 15 Ultra. Apple would be able to enhance the optical zoom performance of its iPhones without expanding the camera block’s already big size. The x10 optical zoom in comparison to the current models’ x3 is will be available. Thus, Apple would catch up to the rival Android smartphones.

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