Xiaomi 13 / Pro to come with these new technologies: Nano-skin, anti-dirty & more

Xiaomi 13

Chinese brand, Xiaomi, will unveil its latest flagship series in a few days. Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of rumours regarding this series. This year, the series will have two models. They include the standard Xiaomi 13 model as well as the Pro version. Both models will come in different sizes. In addition to the rumours, the company has been releasing some official teasers of this series. The latest official teaser reveals that the Xiaomi 13 / Pro will use a new nano skin technology. According to Xiaomi, this tech is top notch in the mobile phone industry. It brings the following upgrades

  • Top leather feel
  • Better anti wear
  • Long lasting anti discolouration
  • Do not retain dirts (anti dirty)

Xiaomi 13 / Pro

The company believes that the qualities of this new nano skin address the concerns of several buyers. The official poster also shows that the nano skin technology also has the following qualities

  • Anti-ultraviolet
  • Anti-yellow edge
  • Anti-erosion and
  • Anti-fouling

Xiaomi 13 / Pro

Xiaomi 13 colour options and build material

According to reports, the Xiaomi 13 series will have four colours. These colours include black, white, green and pink. Of these colour options, the green and pink will have plain leather versions. However, there are reports that this series could have up to 10 colour options.

For the first time, Xiaomi adopts the environmentally friendly organic silicon leather material on the 12S Ultra. According to the official, the material can be renewed with a light wipe. It is not easy for this material to lose colour or peel even after long-term use. The company also customizes the top layer of calfskin to make it more skin-friendly. This also makes it hard to slip and fall off. In addition, the use of a natural silicon ore raw material makes the environmentally friendly. The organic silicon leather of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is upgraded in the Xiaomi 13 series.

Xiaomi 13 series waterproof and display details

This new flagship series from Xiaomi will also come with its latest software update, MIUI 14. Another official teaser from Xiaomi reveals the waterproof capacity of this new flagship series. According to the teaser, all models in the Xiaomi 13 series will support IP68 standards. The founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun also put in some words regarding the IP68 standard. For him, it is a “kind” thing for Xiaomi to include this feature in the new series. At the moment, not many mobile phones come with IP68 waterproof standards. However, it is not a new technology.


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According to available data, IP68 is the highest level of dustproof and waterproof standards. To evaluate the solid and waterproof performance of the shell, it mainly depends on the two digits XX behind IPXX. The first X is the dustproof level from 0 to 6, and the highest level is 6. The second X is the waterproof level from 0 to 8, and the highest rating is 8. For an IP rating of 8 in the last digit, the IEC has a pretty tough requirement. Having an “8” rating for waterproof means that the mobile phone can survive in water which is 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

Thus, IP68 waterproof does not mean that your mobile phone will survive anything water. It only means that under certain conditions of wetness (as stated above) the device will be just fine. If you must take underwater images, ensure that the phone is not immersed in water deeper than 1 meter. Otherwise, we do not see any reason to use a mobile phone to capture underwater images.


There is also an official teaser regarding the display of the Xiaomi 13 flagship. According to the official teaser, this device will come with a custom high-end OLED straight screen. The visual of this display is quadrilateral and the frame width is only 1.61mm. The Pro version will not use the same display as the regular model. The Pro version will come with a hyperbolic screen.

Xiaomi 13 / Pro

In terms of body size, the Xiaomi 13 is 1.61mm wide on three sides and 1.81mm wide at its widest point. With these thin bezels, the display achieves a screen-to-body ratio of 93.3%. The official poster shows that the Xiaomi 13 upper, left, and right borders are 1.61mm wide, and the lower border is 1.81mm wide. This mobile phone comes with a center punch hold display. In addition, Lei Jun claims that the Xiaomi 13 series comes with a slight 2.5D design. The rear has a quad-curved design.

Xiaomi 13 series launch date

The price and launch date are two of the most important pieces of information that people want to know. While there are no official reports on the price, the launch date is official. Xiaomi will hold a new product launch conference at 7:00 pm on December 1 (Thursday). The company will officially release the Xiaomi 13 at the event. At the moment, this mobile phone is already on reservation on some online platforms. The company will accept pre-orders from today until December 2nd.

launch date

Regarding the price, there is no official information. However, there are some factors that will influence the price of this device. These factors are upgrades, parts costs, pandemic, exchange rate, and so on. Considering these factors, the Xiaomi 13 will certainly increase in price relative to the Xiaomi 12S. There are rumours that it could be a 15% to 20% price increase. The selling price will be around 4500 yuan ($625). However, this is only a speculation and nothing official. At present, this series is in mass production. Under the hood, all the models use the 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC.

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