13 free QR code generators you should check out in 2023

best qr code generator

Search volumes for the keyword “best QR code generator” went up to 350% in 2022 as thousands of business owners, brand managers, and marketers sought it, just like you probably did. Given the versatility of QR codes and their multiple uses, it makes sense to explore, study, and adopt this technology to prepare for the future.

Looking for a free QR code generator that actually does the job could be difficult, especially without knowing how to do it properly. You might end up with generators that scam you or leave malware on your device. Worry not, for we have prepared a list of the best free QR generators to save you from the hassle and stress of finding one that works. We listed the features and benefits of each QR maker software and their disadvantages, so you can indeed choose a generator that suits your needs.


best qr code generator

QRTIGER is one of the best QR code generator tools on our list that offers free services. More than that, it’s also ISO 27001-certified. It provides complete control over your QR code campaigns and lets you create a custom free QR code with a logo to fit your brand. Users have free access to eight unique QR code solutions: URL, WiFi, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, email, and text.

And what’s more, they can generate static QR codes with unlimited scans without signing up for a trial account. This QR code generator has an easy-to-use interface that lets you make QR codes in seconds. It also provides high-quality data tracking as well as real-time editing. If you sign up for their freemium plan, you can enjoy three dynamic QR codes, each with a 500-scan limit. Scanners will see an ad before redirecting to the embedded URL.

Free users can only download their QR codes in PNG format. They must sign up for the free trial to access the SVG option. It is a great tool for marketers that want to use it to convert customers offline to online.


best qr code generator

TEC-IT allows users to create different types of QR codes online for free. This free online tool is best for generating PNG QR codes. It can make QR codes for web pages, phone calls, emails, text messages, tweets, vCard, WiFi access, and more. The catch is that the software only generates static black-and-white QR codes, which could appear dull and too technical for users when integrated into marketing materials.

3. Visualead

best qr code generator

Visualead claims to help businesses get up to 400% more scans. The free plan allows you to run up to three QR code campaigns simultaneously, with a 500-scan limit for each QR code. You can also use graphic QR codes, animations, advanced QR code effects, and custom landing pages optimized for mobile users. Here’s the catch: it has a lot of ads. You’ll need to sign up for any Visualead plan to get rid of them. Prices start at $7.52 per month.

4. CodigosQR

best qr code generator

If you need to create a QR code quickly, CodigosQR is the best way to do it. You will not get charged for any QR code you make, though the website would appreciate contributions. Just choose the type of content and enter your information in the required fields, and your QR code is ready to download and deploy.

This free QR code generator is the most straightforward tool for creating a black-and-white QR code. It works with simple QR Code formats like text, URL, contact or vCard QR Code, call, and SMS. On the other hand, this is not the best choice if you want a personalized QR Code. 

5. QRCode Monkey

best qr code generator

QRCode Monkey is another contender for the top spot. It’s an incredibly easy-to-use app that lets you create stylish and unique QR codes without spending a single dime. The tool is very flexible and gives you many options for the QR code’s logo, colors, and overall look. It also comes with a wide range of QR code solutions.

It also lets you save your QR code images in high resolutions to have excellent quality QR codes on your printed materials. However, it has limited free trial options, which makes it hard for potential users to explore the software more.

6. QRStuff

best qr code generator

The free version of the QRStuff QR generator makes it one of the best free QR code generators on the market and is perfect for startups and people with small marketing budgets. You can make a simple QR code for any data you want, like a website URL, a location, an image, a Skype call, Dropbox, plain text, a phone number, an SMS, an email address, an event, a Wi-Fi login, and much more.

Another benefit of the Free plan is you can use it to make ad-free codes for a seamless scanning experience. However, users can only customize the QR Codes after they sign up, and it can be difficult to view their pricing list. Their plans start at $11.95 per month, making them an expensive option.

7. ForQRcode

best qr code generator

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ForQRCode makes it easy to create QR codes with logos that don’t expire by using their four-step process. This free QR code generator lets you customize QR codes to work well with your brand. Also, you can skip signing up for an account to download QR codes. It is, without a doubt, one of the most-used free QR code generators on the Internet.

While all of ForQRCode’s features are free, it could be hard to navigate their website because of the ads. The limited QR code solutions could also challenge brand managers when using them for a marketing campaign.

8. Flowcode

best qr code generator

Flowcode’s free trial lets you have three dynamic QR codes with unlimited scans. It’s also got customization features, including adding logos or images to your QR code. You can use the free dynamic QR codes to run campaigns and track metrics on the dashboard. You also get to edit your code’s content.

Aside from QR codes, you also get two free “flowpages,” a landing page you can customize for your brand or company. But the dealbreaker for Flowcode is that all its QR codes have a watermark, which may not help your branding.

9. Free-QR-code.net

best qr code generator

Free-QR-code.net allows users to generate 100 customized QR codes and download them in PNG, SVG, or EPS format for free.  Their best feature is the bulk generation, which is an excellent option if you know you’ll need a lot of QR codes at once.

It also has decent customization options that let you add your business logo or change the color, for example. On the other hand, the free version has QR code solutions. And if you want to access more customization tools, you’ll need to sign up for an account. 

10. goQR.me

best qr code generator

Go QR collaborates with small, medium-sized, or large businesses and government organizations. It gives a variety of places or materials where customers can use vector graphic software to print QR codes on products. But one red flag is that their website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, which means the information you give isn’t encrypted and is at a huge security risk.

Furthermore, the website is hard to navigate. Even though you can make different QR Codes, and they’re free, the result gives you little confidence in your data protection. You can make QR codes for business cards, T-shirts, and others, but if you care about your privacy, don’t do so unless you have no other choice.

11. QR Code Generator Pro

best qr code generator

QR Code Generator Pro has a free option for static QR codes. You can customize them to match your brand and easily integrate them into any marketing material. Choose from solutions like vCard, plain text, URL, Wi-Fi, email, SMS, Twitter, or Bitcoin QR codes.

In terms of customization, it only offers a little. You can choose between a standard black-and-white design or one with more colors and different frames. Sign up for their Pro plan to add your brand’s logo and use dynamic QR codes since the free version only allows users to generate 2 QR codes for each solution.

12. Beaconstac

best qr code generator

Beaconstac also offers free static QR codes; you can create one without signing up. But here’s the catch: you can only generate black-and-white QR codes. You can use these for one-time campaigns or personal use. Signing up for their free trial gives you access to their customization tools, which allow you to create QR codes in various colors. But the problem is the free trial only lasts 14 days.

If you want to add logos, you’ll need to purchase any of their tiered plans. But on the good side, Beaconstac has SOC2 Type 2 Certification, which guarantees that all your confidential data are safe.


best qr code generator

uQR.me is a QR Code Generator that is best for making a landing page for your marketing needs. With a few clicks, you can make a unique landing page for your QR code that works on mobile devices. After signing up for a 14-day trial account, you can create a free dynamic QR code that you can customize and track.   

You can also access their bulk generator feature if you want to create and download multiple QR codes at once. However, once you subscribe to a plan, it will be difficult to cancel and contact customer support. The lack of free features makes it hard for users to choose this software.


Numerous QR code generators are available on the internet, each with its error correction level and masking options. As a marketer, selecting the best software that fits your need is essential to maximize your marketing strategy.

After trying out multiple QR software on the web, we find QRTIGER the best free QR code generator for your business in 2023. This software offers the most advanced features and different QR code solutions for an effective marketing campaign. 

QRTIGER’s ISO 27001 certification guarantees the safety of your data embedded in the QR codes. Using this QR code generator, you don’t have to worry about security and malware risks. Start your 2023 campaigns with QRTIGER. Visit their website and create your custom QR code with logo today.

Disclaimer: We may be compensated by some of the companies whose products we talk about, but our articles and reviews are always our honest opinions. For more details, you can check out our editorial guidelines and learn about how we use affiliate links.

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