Hackers Offer $10 Million to Auction League of Legends Source Code

League of Legends

Riot Games recently announced that its system faced some serious attacks leading to huge losses. The company reveals that the source code of “League of Legends“, “Game of Genting” and an anti-cheating platform were stolen by attackers. However, it claims that there is no indication that player data or personal information was leaked. Riot Games also reveals that it received a $10 million extortion email, but it refused to pay the ransom. According to the latest news from BleepingComputer, after the blackmail was rejected, hackers listed the source code of the “League of Legends” game on a forum for auction. The hackers are listing the League of Legends source code for $10 million while the anti-cheating platform is going for $500,000.

League of Legends

The forum post includes a link to a thousand-page PDF document that they claim contains a directory listing of 72.4 GB of stolen source code. The document, reviewed by BleepingComputer, appears to be a source code listing for Riot Games related software. In addition, in a conversation with the security research organization VX-Underground, hackers stated that they conducted a social engineering attack on an employee of the Riot game via text message and gained access to the Riot game network.

The hackers claim they were in Riot Games’ development network for up to 36 hours. The company’s Security Operations Center (SOC) only noticed their presence after 36 hours. Also, their goal is to steal the source code for Riot Vanguard, Riot Games’ anti-cheat software.

“League of Legends Mobile Game” S8 starts

According to the official news from the “League of Legends” website, Season 8 of this game is now on the way. Amongst other things, the company lists some of the additions and new functions of this game. The first major update version 4.0 of “League of Legends Mobile Game” in 2023 has been launched on January 11. The new hero Zoe is online, and infinite chaos begins. The S8 ranking season starts at 8 am on January 18th, Beijing time.

Gizchina News of the week

League of Legends

According to the official, in order to optimize the S8 season experience, the company specially introduces a new immersive interface design for the selection of qualifying modes. This allows players to display their signature heroes and the latest data. The company also adds some improvements to the season journey and ranking store. It lets players enjoy more fun while climbing the peak.

The infinite chaos mode launched with the new version at 10 am on January 11th, Beijing time. This mode adds a new mechanism: Execution Punishment. It will become a passive skill for jungle heroes, freeing up a summoner skill bar. This version of Retribution retains Retribution’s core passive, but cannot upgrade to Chilling Retribution, and has no cooldown reduction.

The company said

“It’s time to bid farewell to the S7 season and turn around to welcome the upcoming S8 season! With the appearance of “Crimson Shark Ling Nami” in the season’s journey reward, there was a wave of unrest on the battlefield in an instant. You can also get her upgraded skins and more rewards from the ranked shop. In order to optimize the S8 season experience, we specially introduced a new immersive interface design for the selection of qualifying modes, allowing players to display their signature heroes and the latest statistics. We’ve also made improvements to the Season Journey and the Ranked Store to give players more fun while racing to the top. Best of luck in the new season!”

League of Legends

In this new season, the company adds a new classic mode: Infinite Brawl. Users can quickly move their fingers and get ready to start the game. Also, use a completely random hero, jump into the cannon, and start a quick skill duel. 

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