How To Leverage Airplane Mode On Your Smartphone

Airplane mode

Many icons in the notification bar of your smartphone sit idle. We guess you think the Airplane mode is one of them. But do you know what it is for and how you can leverage this feature?

What is airplane mode?

When the first smartphones were out, it turned out that they operated at a similar frequency to aircraft navigation instruments. Therefore, they cause malfunctions in their work. Asking passengers to turn off their phones during the flight is useless. There will always be at least one who thinks the rules don’t spread on him/her. That’s why the OS developers created airplane mode.

With a single click, it disables all systems for transmitting and receiving information in the device. Thus, the phone remains on, but it doesn’t serve as a device that can get or send data.

airplane mode

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Now, the planes work on other frequencies. So your smartphones won’t cause any damage to their work. Apart from this, the new airplanes provide passengers with WiFi networks. And we are not talking about 5G, which will appear soon. But airplane mode remained in the devices.

Why do we need airplane mode now?

Since pressing this button turns off all receivers and transmitters in the phone, airplane mode can be used to reset them. So, if you have problems with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile communication (voice or Internet), just use the button. You can turn the mode on, wait for 30 seconds, and return to active mode.

Use airplane mode when you need to conserve battery power. Turning the phone on and off consumes a huge amount of power. So this is a bad idea. Airplane mode turns off only energy-intensive components and helps to really save battery.

You can turn it on when you need time to relax or be yourself. It quickly turns off the connection, and you can use other smartphone functions without fear that you will be interrupted by a call or notification.

In case the phone catches a signal poorly, airplane mode can also help. Turn it on for a few seconds. Upon returning to the network, the phone will re-register in it and can connect to the network more successfully.

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