Here is A Trick To Make Your iPhone Charge Faster

Everyone is aware that we are in a new era of charging smartphones. This is the era of fast charging, and every phone maker is taking advantage of it. Smartphones can now charge at very quick speeds, which makes life a lot easier. Initially, fast charging was limited to a few flagship devices. Lately, even an entry-level phone supports fast charging.

Surprisingly, Apple’s iPhone is still some years behind when it comes to fast charging. For some reason, the iPhone has not been able to cross the 20W range in charging speed. If you have an Android phone that has a very quick charging speed, you might be disappointed when you switch to iPhone as long as charging speed is concerned.

You might find yourself quite frustrated if you need to quickly charge up your phone in order to leave home for a very important reason. Yet, your iPhone’s battery level keeps ticking slowly. It may be quite frustrating, and you may wish that there is a way to make it go faster. Well, I guess this is the reason why you are here. There are few things you can actually do to make your iPhone charge faster than usual.

Make iPhone Charge Faster iPhone Fast Charger

Please note that these are just tips to help your phone charge faster. It is not a way to magically increase the charging speed from 25W to 66W. No, that is not it, these are tips that can decrease the time it takes for your iPhone to charge by some reasonable number of minutes.

Also, never use a wireless charger if you want your smartphone to charge faster, especially with an iPhone. Wireless charging in iPhones is naturally slower than using a wall charger. Using wireless chargers are only recommended if you don’t need your phone to charge quickly. If you need a quick charge you would have to consider using a wall charger.

This guide is for those who use wall chargers, original MFI-certified with the right amount of charging wattage. If you have such a charger and yet your phone does not charge faster enough, you can follow these simple tips to make your iPhone charger faster.

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Turn On Airplane Mode to Help Your iPhone Charge Faster iPhone Fast Charge

This might sound like a gimmick, but it really works like magic. Turning on Airplane mode restricts a lot of functionalities that slows down charging speed. Our phones are constantly searching for signals and trying to keep the signals active. This process mostly takes a lot of power from the battery and slows down charging speed.

Turning on the airplane mode allows the charging to fully focus on just the battery instead of distributing extra power for network signals and Wi-Fi connections. This allows your phone to charge a lot faster and can give you enough power if you quickly need to charge your iPhone.

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Turn On Low Power Mode iPhone Fast Charge

You can do this to speed up your charging speed if the airplane mode does not seem to be a good option for you. This is because turning on the airplane mode disables all network connections which might cause you to miss important calls or messages.

Turning on Low Power Mode does not disable your network connectivity, but it reduces the operation of certain features in order to allow the phone charge faster. This feature reduces the workload on your device by disabling certain background features that are not too important.

It also dims your screen brightness in order to allow the phone charge faster even if you still want to use your device while it is charging. This will help speed up the charging process even if you are using your phone whilst it is on charge.

On the other hand, if you need it to charge even faster and you are not really expecting any important calls or messages, you can turn both of them off. You may also want to turn of features like Bluetooth and location on your device.


As I stated earlier, this guide will not make your iPhone jump from 25W to 66W. However, it becomes very useful when you urgently need to get enough power in your device. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can just follow these simple steps to help you power-up quicker.

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