ChatGPT is comparable to a Google engineer with a $180K salary


Recently, the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has gained widespread popularity. Attracting 25 million daily users and surpassing 100 million active users in just two months. This has prompted Google, through its parent company Alphabet’s cloud division, to take urgent action in testing ChatGPT’s capabilities. It turns out to be comparable to those of a third level engineer with an annual salary of $ 183,000.

ChatGPT can perform at the same level as a Google engineer with a $ 183,000 salary


To evaluate ChatGPT, Google’s cloud division initiated the “Red Alert” project. Which aimed to compare it to their own AI chatbot, Bard. The company’s top management has been gathering feedback from employees. With a warning that the test was more important than all other short term projects.

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Bard, which is powered by the LaMDA language model developed by Google, is similar to ChatGPT in that it uses a dialogue box for questions and answers. However, it is also capable of providing information on recent events, which ChatGPT does not support. During a test, when asked if Google would continue to lay off employees, Bard responded that the company was in a good financial position and unlikely to make further layoffs.

“According to my database, Google is unlikely to lay off another staff this year. The layoffs are usually to reduce personnel costs and lighten the corporate structure. But the company is currently in a good financial position”.

ChatGPT was also the subject of evaluations in terms of its ability to replace engineers. While it was found to have the potential to perform at the level of a third level engineer. It was concluded that it cannot completely replace human expertise and creativity in programming. Which is a complex field that requires deep knowledge and the ability to adapt to new technologies.

ChatGPT got a question during the test, do you think you can replace engineers? ChatGPT replied:

“I am unlikely to replace engineers, because I cannot completely replace the expertise and creativity of human engineers. Programming is a complex field that requires a deep understanding of computer science principles. And the ability to adapt to new technologies”.


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