Meet Snapchat My AI – A Chatbot Powered by ChatGPT

Snapchat My AI

ChatGPT took the world by storm. It has gained so much popularity that the chatbot has become a part of life for many. Now, it is gaining the attention of social media platforms. Every large company is trying to integrate it into its platforms. And Snapchat became the very first one to introduce the integration as My AI.

According to Snapchat, My AI is basically a chatbot that will be powered by ChatGPT. It utilizes the GPT-3.5 model and is currently an “experimental feature.” The feature is currently available for users who have the Plus subscription. And if you are one of them, you can find the chatbot right inside the app.

What Can Snapchat My AI Can Do

Even though My AI is currently an exclusive feature for Snapchat Plus subscribers, the team plans to make the bot available for everyone. That is, My AI will soon be available to 750 million monthly users of the platform. But what exactly is the use case of AI in the social media platform?

According to Spiegel from Snapchat, the idea behind My AI is to let users talk to an AI when there are no friends or family members available to talk to. He adds that the AI feature is something that the team is well-positioned to offer as a messaging service.

At the initial stage, My AI is a simple mobile-friendly version of ChatGPT available on Snapchat. However, one major difference exists between the actual ChatGPT and My AI. That is, My AI has some restrictions when it comes to what it can offer as an answer.


Snapchat has trained My AI to strictly adhere to the trust and safety guidelines of the company. So, it will not offer responses that include violence, sexually explicit content, sweating, or opinions about dicey topics such as politics.

The team behind Snapchat has also stripped down the functionality that made ChatGPT banned in some schools. My AI will not offer answers when you ask it to write academic essays about various topics. It will politely decline such prompts.

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However, this is not the final version of My AI. Snapchat plans to tune the chatbot by taking feedback from people. And with time, it will further stop giving inappropriate answers.

What Your Experience With My AI Can Be Like

Considering ChatGPT’s popularity, Snapchat knows that most people know how to use chatbots. That is why the team is not offering instructions on using My AI. Instead, you will be greeted with a blank chat page, where the chatbot will wait for you to start a conversation.

Now, while ChatGPT has become more like a productivity tool, Snapchat’s My AI is more like a persona. It has its own profile page, which looks like the profile of a regular user. Of course, the Bitmoji is different, allowing it to look apart from the rest of the users.

The specific design of the My AI profile suggests that Snapchat intends the chatbot to be another friend who you can interact with. That is, it is not meant to be a search engine.

Snapchat My AI profile

This distinction is surely going to save Snapchat from some headaches. The team does not need to worry about wrong answers, something which Google has faced backlash for with its Bard.

Even so, having a chatbot that you can toy with surely sounds fun. And considering the user base of Snapchat, My AI will surely attract a lot of users. That could eventually let ChatGPT expand its model and make it more user-friendly in the future.

Snapchat My Ai chatbot

Also, My AI can surely boost the business model of Snapchat, which is currently not in a good place. The platform should now see growing users in the paid subscription tier.

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