General Motors to introduce ChatGPT on its vehicles

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been taking the world by storm. The AI-driven chatbot revolutionized the way we search for information on the web, providing fast responses full of context. Microsoft was quick to invest billions in the AI company to get access to its expertise. However, ChatGPT is still free to build partnerships with other giants in the segment. According to a new report, it seems that the automobile giant General Motors is exploring uses for ChatGPT as part of a broader partnership with Microsoft.

According to GM Vice President Scott Miller, “ChatGPT is going to be in everything”. He is not wrong, after all, the OpenAI chatbot has been making rounds on the web conquering users and multiple companies. Most recently, we saw that SalesForce is set to add AI in its Slack app. Now, the chatbot is going forward to join the segment of vehicles. Nowadays, vehicles are getting smarter and have many technologies inside from entertainment to drive-assist tools. There are multiple scenarios in which ChatGPT could be useful.


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ChatGPT will be your personal assistant on GM vehicles

Users can expect ChatGPT to access info on how to use the vehicle features. Features, for example, are in the manual. ChatGPT can access this info and offer instructions with just a few inquiries. Moreover, the chatbot works with functions such as a garage door code or integrates schedules from a calendar. These were just some suggestions given by GM’s VP. This goes beyond an evolution for voice commands but means that consumers can expect cars to be more capable and offer emerging technologies.

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The first reports came from the website Semafor. As per the news outlet, GM was developing a virtual personal assistant that uses AI models behind ChatGPT. As a result, we can still expect a certain level of originality rather than just ChatGPT on GM cars. Therefore, we expect it to be similar to what Slack will bring. The Salesforce app will integrate its own AI features with ChatGPT and will call it EinsteinGPT. GM may bet on a similar implementation.

OpenAI ChatGPT

GM has had a partnership with Microsoft since 2021. The goal is to boost driverless vehicle research. MS invested about $10 billion in ChatGPT to boost the company’s capabilities. It says that it will implement ChatGPT in all of its products. Thanks to the partnership, we may also see a deep integration on GM vehicles. Of course, we are taking into account just the current GPT. AI will keep being updated, and the future is promising.

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