Huawei foldable phones remain No. 1 for three consecutive years

Huawei Mate X

According to market research data, mobile phone shipments hit a record low in 2022. However, foldable mobile phones beat the trend and grew, becoming the sole area of growth in the entire market. Which company produces the best foldable mobile phones is still up for debate. Huawei.
Chinese shipments of foldable mobile phones will increase by 154.4% to reach 3.6 million units in 2022, according to market research data from iResearch Consulting. With a 51.3% market share, Huawei is the dominant brand and controls half of the country’s market. In other words, Huawei’s market share is superior to that of the other mobile phone makers who have entered the foldable phone industry.

Huawei Mate X

It is important to note that Huawei has kept more than half of the market share for three years running by using the first-mover advantage and influence in the high-end smartphone market.  According to another survey, Huawei produced the foldable phone with the highest user satisfaction rating (4.57) among all brands.  At the same time, Huawei sprang to mind when almost 50% of surveyed users mentions Huawei as their preferred brand.

In terms of brand awareness of mobile phones with foldable screens, Huawei remains No. 1.  Up to 84.1% of users are aware of Huawei’s line of mobile phones with foldable screens.52.3% of consumers who had used foldable screens previously said they plan to use Huawei’s foldable mobile phones in the future. In other words, Huawei appears to be a symbol of mobile devices with folding screens. Huawei is a leader in all areas, including popularity, market share, sales, and user satisfaction.

Huawei foldable phones get highly positive reviews in China

For ordinary mobile phone users without any knowledge of how the market works, they will say Huawei is a Chinese company so it should get positive reviews in China. However, the Chinese mobile phone market is not like the U.S. market which gives a huge positive tick to whatever Apple produces. In China, there are other top brands with foldable phones. Xiaomi, Vivo and other top Chinese brands have foldable phones. In fact, Vivo has been on top of the Chinese market for regular phones. However, its foldable phones are not seeing the light of day in China. So, why then does Huawei receive such positive reviews in China’s foldable phone market?

Huawei Mate X2 foldable smartphone

This is probably because Huawei is the first Chinese brand to join the foldable mobile phone market. The company has more generations of foldable phones than any other brand in China. Thus, the market generally trusts Huawei foldable phones more. In fact, in the industry, it is the only brand that has both outer folding, inner folding and vertical folding devices. This shows how the company has mastered the art of foldable mobile phones.

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Also, Huawei has a strong team with high technical capacity. It is innovative in multiple areas like screens, hinges and software ecology. The company has always been at the front of the development of foldable phones. If not for the interference from several governments in the world, Huawei foldable phones would have spread around the globe by now.

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What users want

From the consumer’s point of view, a product must first have an amazing design if it hopes to gain the market. For instance, the ID design of the Huawei P50 Pocket and Huawei Pocket S is stunning and extremely popular. In the modern era of foldable screen mobile phones, the charm has evolved into face value.

Huawei Mate X

Take the Huawei Pocket S as an example. The glass back panel of the Huawei Pocket S folding screen mobile phone even sparkles with pearls, giving it a highly upscale appeal.  The six hues go with a variety of outfits is also attractive.  Hinge gaps and screen creases are issues that are resolved by the first multi-dimensional linkage lifting water drop hinge in the industry. The vertical folding technique reduces the size of the body and allows for easy pocket carrying, making it incredibly portable. Notifications, phone calls, cameras, weather, etc. can all be rapidly managed on the independent secondary screen on the rear. It may also be used to shoot images for better results.

The Huawei Pocket S’s image setup is also quite good. It has a super-sensing imaging system, a 40MP super-sensing main camera, and an industry-leading RYYB sensor. This makes it possible to capture a blockbuster in a single shot. Why will anyone not want this mobile phone? Of course, only for those who can not afford it, those that want GMS enabled so badly or those that believe what the Western government says.

History of Huawei foldable phones

Huawei has been a major player in the smartphone industry for several years, and they have been at the forefront of the foldable phone revolution. The company has released several foldable phones over the years, starting with the Huawei Mate X in 2019.

Here’s a brief history of Huawei’s foldable phones:

  1. Huawei Mate X (2019): The Huawei Mate X was Huawei’s first foldable phone, and it was unveiled in February 2019. The device featured a 6.6-inch OLED display that could be folded out to a 8-inch display. The phone was powered by a Kirin 980 chipset and came with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.
  2. Huawei Mate Xs (2020): The Huawei Mate Xs was an upgraded version of the Mate X, and it was launched in February 2020. The device had a similar design to the Mate X, but it was powered by a newer Kirin 990 chipset. It also came with an improved hinge mechanism and better camera performance.
  3. Huawei Mate X2 (2021): The Huawei Mate X2 was a significant departure from the design of the previous Mate X phones. It featured an inward folding display, with a 6.45-inch cover display and an 8-inch main display. The device was powered by a Kirin 9000 chipset and came with up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.
  4. In 2022, Huawei released a couple of foldable mobile phones including the Huawei Mate Xs 2 and Huawei Pocket S.
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