A new PS5 model with an external disc drive is coming soon

PS5 Update

Sony is reportedly gearing up for the first hardware overhaul of the PlayStation 5, and a well known insider, Tom Henderson, has shared some updates regarding the new console. As previously reported, the main feature of the new PS5 will be the replacement of all the current models. With a single variant equipped with an external optical disc drive. This reader will connect to the console through a second Type-C port on the back of the PS5.

A new PS5 console is coming with an external disc drive

Sony PS5 DualSense Update

The new version of the PS5, which will be identified by the D chassis, is reportedly in the hands of some development teams. But Henderson’s latest statements suggest otherwise. According to the insider, the new PS5 has never left the small circle of internal testers at Sony. The new version of the PS5 doesn’t present significant differences that make it necessary to pass on to external development teams, according to Henderson’s source.

However, Henderson’s source did provide further details about the external reader. While it has been confirmed that this peripheral will not be compatible with current versions of the PlayStation 5. There is a possibility that it could be made compatible in the future via a console software update.

The advantage of using an external reader is that it allows Sony to create a single variant of the PS5. And offer bundles that can integrate the disc drive. Providing the same variety of current choices, but with only one model. Additionally, the use of an external reader will simplify assistance interventions for this component. Which is currently one of the main causes of problems for the PS5. If the reader breaks, it can be replaced without sending the entire console in for service.

It is worth noting that the external reader will stick to the body of the new PS5. So that it won’t be a completely external element.

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These are the features of the next PS5 model


The new PS5 model will bring several improvements to the console. The external reader will not only simplify assistance interventions but also allow for more storage space on the console. The new PS5 is expected to have a revised cooling system. To address some of the heating issues that have been reported with the current model.

The new PS5 model will come with faster processing speeds. And more less power consumption alongside better graphics performance. The console’s performance will improve significantly, and players can expect more immersive gaming experiences.

The release date for the new PS5 model has not been official by Sony. However, there have been rumors that the new model could be available sometime in 2023. It is important to note that Sony has not confirmed any release date for the new PS5 model. And any information at this point is still just rumors. Sony typically announces new models of its consoles well in advance. So it is likely that we will hear more about the new PS5 model in the coming months. Until then, we will have to wait for official information from Sony regarding the release date of the new PS5 model.

In conclusion, the new PS5 model will bring several improvements to the console. Including a single variant equipped with an external optical reader, a revised cooling system, faster processing speeds, and better graphics performance. And more efficient power consumption. While initially rumored to be in the hands of some development teams. We belive that the new PS5 has never left the small circle of internal testers at Sony. With the new PS5, Sony is taking steps to simplify assistance interventions. And improve the overall gaming experience for its users.

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