Do you need to proctect your children online ? Try the parental control apps

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Online environment could be quite a jungle, especially for the kids and younger generation. Internet is a great boon for society, but can also be tricky to navigate the obvious minefields. It’s very easy to stumble upon inappropriate content even just by mistake, so we need to protect the kids. And the solution can be fairly straightforward using the parental control apps. You can easily track the online acitvity of your child, set the defined boundaries and of course filter out all the inappropriate content.

Using parental control apps you can make sure to a high degree, that your kid will be protected from potentially harmful stuff. Including shielding them from online predators and such. So what are the main beneficial advantages of such apps ?

  • Safer online activites – parents can set exact boundaries and restrictions for websites and services online, so the children are protected from majority of the online threats.
  • Better control and transparency – with such apps you can put limits on your children’s device usage, including banning certain apps in certain hours. Tailoring the internet access precisely to your children’s needs. And you will be able to exactly their activity and habits.
  • Peace of mind – you can rest assured the kids are under the protective blanked of the app, so you are not worried every time your child steps into the online space.
  • Teaching tools – most of such apps also come with tools and resources, which can teach kids more about the safe behaviour on the internet. And that’s never a bad thing.

So which parental app to choose ?

The competition in the field is of course pretty fierce so it’s not easy choosing the right parental app for you. But maybe we can help you with a little recommendation. Because with KidsGuard Pro you are getting an all-around app with pretty advanced features. Combining all the perks into a wholesome experience. So what can you expect ?

  • The ability to track location in real-time.
  • View call logs and text messages, monitor social media activity, and set up alerts for certain activities or locations.
  • Monitor over 30 different types of files and systems, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, instant messaging, and much more.
  • Easily scan your child’s online activity remotely without them knowing.parental control
  • Listen to the live phone surroundings to ensure greater security.parental control
  • Record phone screen time in case your employee or dependent is engaged with a potential scammer.

KidsGuard Pro is also a highly cost-effective parental app on the market, with various pricing plans for everybody. You can even choose the cheaper KidsGuard version as well. Thanks to the compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms you can install it on any phone. The app stays hidden in the background and is operated by a remote access, so you are the one in control of your child’s safety. You can also try out the KidsGuard Pro demo version, befofe you make the final purchasing choice. So check this parental control app out !

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