First real image of the iPhone 15 Pro with a solid-state button appears online

Apple iPhone 14 Series

Over the past few months, there have been several renders of the iPhone 15 series showing its new solid-state buttons. Now, we have the first supposed real image of the iPhone 15 Pro showing its overall design.Ā The iPhone 15 Pro will reportedly have solid-state buttons and a USB Type-C interface. Currently, it appears that the physical split volume + and – buttons and the side mute switch have been removed from the iPhone 15 Pro series. This device now comes with a single slim button.

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iPhone 15 Pro

It is worth noting that there has always been a physical mute button since the birth of the iPhone. According to rumours, both buttons will now have a solid-state design, much like the iPhone 7’s non-pressable Home button. Although these two buttons can’t actually move, they can simulate pushing by using two built-in Taptic Engine motors.

The iPhone 15 series, especially the iPhone 15 Pro series, are expected to employ solid-state touch buttons, according to earlier claims made by various research firms. This means that Apple may launch an iPhone model with no physical buttons at all.

The company stated in a letter to shareholders that it is still “engaging with a strategic customer” and expects “launching a new HPMS component in smartphones this year.”The term “HPMS” stands for the company’s “high-performance mixed-signal chips”. TheseĀ are used in the iPhone’s haptic driver for the Taptic Engine.

The company’s CEO notably reduced the time for the new feature launch to “the second half of this year,”. This is roughly in line with Apple’s usual release timeline, around September and October.

iPhone 15 Pro series to bring some upgrades

The additional Taptic Engine for tactile buttons that will be used in iPhone 15 Pro variants is likely to include the new parts that Apple vendors have specified.Ā  In fact, it has been said that this year’s iPhone 15 series would change the most in recent years. It only makes sense that the design will also undergo changes.Ā Together with the information that the iPhone 15 series will once again have a round shape, getting rid of the physical buttons looks like a wise decision.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Img Src: MacRumors

However, the new Taptic Engine drivers must be made available to enable this concept. Yet, fitting large components close to the frame is still a major challenge for the inside area of the iPhone.Ā  The AirPods Pro2 that Apple recently released last year actually have touch buttons. Apple offers fantastic feedback and sounds to mimic the real button effect as soon as the user hits the button. If you were, to sum up, the feeling in just one word, it would be Fabulous.

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If the iPhone 15 Pro series devices use this method, it may be feasible to create an operation way for the AirPods Pro2 that is similar to sliding.

More upgrades

Also, a recent law from the European Union states that all electronic items entering Europe must have USB Type-C ports. Apple may be driven to update the iPhone’s charging port as a result of this measure. Nonetheless, there are rumours that claim Apple has created a Lightning & Type Type-C interface IC that will be used in this year’s iPhone 15 models and other MFi-approved goods.

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However, note that this strategy is probably not just to prevent the new phone from using MFi devices, but also to make the new phone and new peripherals compatible with older gadgets and iPhones. Nevertheless, Apple does not currently require MFi certification for its USB Type-C interface. QAs of now, it is unclear if Apple would ever update its older products.

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs iPhone 15 Pro Max

In any case, it is nearly a given in the industry that the USB Type-C interface will be completely adopted by the iPhone 15 series this year. The price of the iPhone 15 Pro series has also gone up somewhat as a result of the adoption of solid-state buttons.

Industry chain data shows that Apple will prioritize updating the iPhone 15 Pro series. If it follows the same course as this year, the standard iPhone 15 will utilize the same A16 chip as the iPhone 14 Pro series. The Pro series will use the new 3nm A17 chip produced by TSMC.

iPhone 15 Ultra Price

Everyone is interested in the iPhone 15 series, which will be released in September of this year. A Ā recent piece of informationĀ indicates that Apple will significantly alter the iPhone 15 series. These new upgrades, however, will make this deviceĀ very expensive. In fact, it won’t just increase the phone’s cost; it’ll also make this deviceĀ the most expensive iPhone ever. According to a recent internal leak, the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Ultra would probably cost close to 20,000 yuan. This amounts to a staggering $2907.

iPhone 15 Pro

The “Pro Max” model will probably also get a new name from Apple: “Ultra.” The gap between the Pro model and the Ultra model will thereafter be widened by the company. Just a select few will be able to buy the “Ultra” model, an expensive luxury item. The suffix “Ultra” is used in the names of the most cutting-edge flagship devices now offered by the main mobile phone brands. The likes of Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and others use this suffix. Apple will do the same. By comparison, the 1TB model of the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs 13,499 yuan ($1960), while the 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB models cost 8,999 yuan ($1307), 9,899 yuan ($1437), and 11,699 yuan ($1699), respectively.

With the kind of upgrades that the Ultra model will bring, Apple has to increase the price of the iPhone. The Ultra model will be a true luxury device from Apple.


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